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New England Katrina Workers need cheap eats in New Orleans!

17 College Faculty, Staff, and Students from North Shore Community College, north of Boston, will be in NO for about 9 days in January to do demolition work in the 9th Ward. They will have transportation. Where do you recommend to eat for true local flavor?

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  1. Pete, I think it's great that you're doing this. I am active in Boston Cares and Hands on America. We've had a number of teams go down and pitch in.

    To keep this chowcentric, Acme Oyster House was fun when I went. Hopefully the locals can provide more (better) choices for your group.

    1. Here are some local places (and classics) that are super cheap & all Very Good (Have fun while you're here!):

      The Gumbo Shop - 630 St. Peters - http://www.gumboshop.com/

      Central Grocery (muffaletta sandwich) - 923 Decatur St

      Napoleon House - 500 Chartres St. - www.napoleonhouse.com

      Port O'Call - 838 Esplanade - www.portofcallneworleans.com

      Cafe Reconcile - 1631 Oretha Castle Haley Bl.
      - cafereconcile.com

      Voo Doo BBQ - 1501 Saint Charles Ave.

      Lebanon Cafe - 1506 S Carrollton Ave.

      Cafe Du Monde - 1039 Decatur St. - www.cafedumonde.com

      Crabby Jacks - 428 Jefferson Hwy

      1. The portions at Gulfstream on St. Charles or at Zea's are HUGE, so you can slit and still be full. Although the food is perfectly good, these are not local flair places so it would be rather anywhere USA in terms of cuisine. Also, for a great po-boy during the day, try Parkway Bakery. For local cuisine at medium prices, College Inn is very good.

        1. Out a little beyond where you'll be, in New Orleans East, there are a lot of Vietnamese places and a few seafood places, including Deanies, along Haynes Blvd and Chef Menteur Hwy. Also Vuconovich's, a neighborhood cafe, on Michoud.

          Go see the OTHER levee breach area at Bucktown in Lakeview. R&O in Bucktown has good seafood as does Deanies. There are only 2 sandwich shops open (on Harrison Avenue) in all of Lakeview which was completely destroyed and none of its commercial areas have been rebuilt.

          In Mid-City, you can find some fun at the Rock N Bowl at Tulane and Carrollton, great live entertainment in about the only place reopened in that area. A lttle further up Carrollton, just after you cross Canal, are fabulous Italian desserts at Brocatto's.
          Juan's Flying Burrito is always good for cheap eats and I think they have veggie stuff.
          Liuzza's at 3636 Bienville is an old family-owned neighborhood place that flooded out completely but is open again.

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            is that Deanies related to the one in the quarter that appears to be under construction?

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              No, that's another one, a neighborhood place on Haynes out near Little Farms that is not related to Deanie's Seafood. There's been another one too, on Annunciation, that's not related.
              Deanie's Seafood has 2 - Bucktown and Iberville St.
              Just like 2 Liuzza's - the regular Liuzza's and Liuzza's by the Track - no relation.

          2. Just to reiterate a lot of the above: Liuzza's, Liuzza's by the Track (not related) or Ye Olde College Inn would all be good for local flavor. Crabby Jack's would be great (it's open lunch only), but you won't be able to eat there, it's too small and crowded. You might try Jacque-Imo's for dinner (same owner as Crabby Jacks). The food is good (sorry Celeste, I still think so :) ), the portions are large, and college kids are guaranteed to have a good time there.

            Cafe Reconcile is an EXCELLENT choice, the food is down home and delicious, and the mission is to teach at-risk kids some job skills.

            New Orleans isn't known for bbq, but The Joint on Poland Avenue right before you cross into the lower nine is excellent.

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              I like both Jacque-Imo's and Ye Old College Inn a lot - but both are a bit pricey? I wouldn't categorize as cheap eats.

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                Jacque-Imo's entrees are between 13 and 22 dollars, and that includes two sides. I easily get two meals out of it, and I'm not a wimpy eater. :) Not too bad for a splurge night.

                Ye Olde College Inn has plenty of po boys etc for under $10. Seems like it's about the same prices as Liuzza's, am I wrong?

                I should add Coop's Place to the list -- excellent food in a total dive.

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                  i don't know - maybe i'm wrong - but i haven't gotten out of either place for less than $45/each. i guess it could be cocktails during dinner - or i eat too much.

            2. Two very useful websites:
              To find live music and other info about festivals and clubs http://www.offbeat.com/listings/clubs...
              For info on restaurants that are open, addresses, etc. www.nomenu.com

              Another great muffaletta place is DiMartino's on the West Bank of the River in Algiers. There are 2, one on General de Gaulle, the other in Terrytown. Fabulous, order it hot!

              BTW, ask the locals you're working with. NOLA is full of neighborhood restaurants that never make CH. Everyone has their own favorite around the corner from their house. It's hard to get bad food at these places. Not 3-star restaurants but probably the local flavor you're seeking.

              1. Crescent City Steak House is open on Broad

                reasonable prices and the atmosphere is pure New Orleans.

                1. Best $3.50 you could possibly spend on food in a sit-down restaurant with table service in the greater NOLA area: the bahn mi at Pho Tau Bay in Gretna on Westbank Expressway just west of Stumph. Before somebody tries to tell you that bahn mi aren't "local flavor", I offer that NOLA has one of the largest Vietnamese communities in the country (after soCal, Houston, and a very few others). Or drive out to Dong Phuong Bakery/restaurant on Chef Menteur out in the east...take I-10 to I-510 south, exit at Chef/US 90, then go east for a mile or two. It's within sniffing distance of the Folger's coffee roasting plant.

                  1. Great place for cheap and good eats is Sunday afternoon/evenings at Bacchanal on the corner of Poland and Chartres. A local chef cooks a variety of options and sells them in the courtyard. Usually it's chef pete formerly of marisol, but sometimes others make an appearance. the food is always delicious and cheap.

                    I'm not sure what the schedule is with the holidays, so it might be best to call first. 504-948-9111

                    1. Thanks to everyone for your great posts for the New England Katrina workers. We have more than enough ideas. Thanks again!