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Dec 28, 2006 12:58 AM

NY Chowhound needs good BBQ and Italian near Disney

We are staying in a condo just outside Disney. Looking for great BBQ and Italian( Please no Olive Garden). Do not want to dine at Disney.
Also going to Citywalk, any recommendations there?

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  1. No decent Italian or barbecue at CityWalk. Decent burger at margaritaville, best food at reasonable prices is NBA Cafe, best meal at Emeril's. That's purely within CityWalk restaurants.
    Red Bamboo is also a decent place for drinks.

    Closest is Bice, at the Porofino Bay Resort, a boat ride away -- pricey and stuffy, in my opinion. Mama Della's, in the same Loew's hotel, is pretty good, kind of like Buca de Beppo, large portions served family style.

    Nothing even close to barbecue.

    Orlando does have good barbecue, if you are willing to search it out. Why not take the time to search this board? It's really easy. Go back to the home page and type in the criteria at the top. Something like "Disney area restaurants," or "Orlando barbecue."

    Trust me. Someone has already asked these questions and gotten good answers. Many of the better restaurants are listed any number of times in a dozen different posts. You are not the first, especially with all the in=bound, bowl game, family vacation tourists headed for Orlando right now. And , truthfully, it gets a little monotonous writing the same list again and again.

    I'm glad to answer specific questions, however, if you have them.

    And, just out of my perverse sense of curiousity, why would you not want to dine at Walt Disney World?
    Olive Garden I understand.
    But without knowing what your options are at Disney, you are writing off two dozen choices that you might just love.


    1. If you are willing to drive about 30 minutes you could try Blackwater BBQ (4718 S.Orange Ave. in Edgewater South of Downtown Orlando). The pulled pork sandwich is fantastic... more pork than bread.

      1. I remember settling for a Carrabas Italian(chain owned by Outback better than OG) a few miles to the right as you come out of Disney, it was on the left hand side and may have been several miles?

        You are not going to hit any homeruns in that's family style suburban slock in general...Bob may be on to something about dining in Disney?

        Downtown Disney has a Wolfgang Pucks, Bongos (Gloria Estefan's Cuban), Fulton Crab House and a couple others which escape me because I never tried them.

        Do-do a search and you should find some interesting posts of old.

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          The only twp places at Downtown Disney I can reccommend -- with apologies to netmover -- are the Raglan Road pub, which also serves a full contemporary Irish menu and the Earl of Sandwich, which is more of a quick serve option.

          Since Levy Restaurants took over operations at Wolfgang's thing have gone downhill considerably, with the exception of the sushi which is still terrific.
          Fulton's can be good, if you want seafood, but the wait times can be ridiculous, it's pricey and service sometimes stumbles when they get very busy.
          Bongo's is a poor imitation of Lario's in Miami -- same owners -- and the only thing worth having are their mojitos.

          The others such as Captain Jack's, Rain Forest Cafe, House of Blues are hardly worth the effort. I do like the Sunday Gospel Brunch at HOB, but more for the show than the food.
          Portobello Yacht Club is above average, pricey and very unimaginative.


          1. re: Bob Mervine

            No apologies required it's been several years since I've been there...just trying to stimulate the brain waves!

        2. I am a concierge in the Disney area. I recommend Antonio's (Cafe D'Antonio-their restaurant in Celebration), Christini's, and Ciao Italia. My favorite restaurant in Citywalk is the Latin Quarter.

          I realize I am replying YEARS later (new to the site) but hopefully someone will find this helpful anyway!

          Ciao Italia
          6149 Westwood Blvd, Orlando, FL 32821

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            La Luce is very good upscale italian at the Bonnet Creek Hilton. Il Mulino over at the Dolphin Resort is good with more basic Italian fare.