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Dec 28, 2006 12:51 AM

does anyone remember RC Draft cola?

seriously, the best cola i've ever had, with a nice "home-brewed" sugercane-y sort of taste. this was maybe, 10+ years ago, and i remember when they were blowing them out when they cancelled the line. is there anything similar that one can get? i did some research and apparently they might still sell the stuff in australia/new zealand. confirm/deny? is it the same thing? anyone ever try getting their hands on some???

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  1. not sure if its sugar cane but rc cola is served on draft at crif dogs, nyc

    1. RC cola always had a great taste, didn't it? It was considered the "cheap stuff" because it was always less expensive than coca-cola, and pepsi. I think RC stands for Royal Crown. I liked it.
      Hopefully, it's still around and hasn't fizzled out.

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      1. re: Cheese Boy

        i believe regular RC is still around. the one i'm looking for is (was) a short-lived premium cola they put out called "RC Draft" that was flavored with pure sugarcane. it came in beer bottles and was truly awesome! don't know if i can make it all the way to new york just to try RC on tap from a bar though hehe... i wonder if it's the same thing!

        1. re: rameniac

          I have been hunting for R.C. Draft for a long time.

          The last time I ran into it was in Quebec, about five years ago. The bottles were shorter and fatter, the labels were in French.

          I have no way to tell if this was just left over from an old run in the nineties or if it was recently produced. It did taste good.

          R.C. Draft was sincerely the best cola I have ever had. If you hear anything about it, please let us all know!

          1. re: tom in austin

            Dear tom in austin,

            Where in Quebec did you find it? I live in Quebec and just so happen to be looking for it (in the off chance it is still sold)!



      2. Royal Crown Cola! I havent' seen that in decades!

        1. a whole lot of bars and restaurants in the ny metro area serve rc cola from the soda gun(cheaper than coke or pepsi), it is sold by sea breeze company based out of nj which also supplies 7up and dr. pepper and good old bosco syrups.

          1. Regular RC is my favorite pop of all time! I don't remember that special version though. There are very few restaurants that serve it here, but you can bet I know which ones they are!