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does anyone remember RC Draft cola?

seriously, the best cola i've ever had, with a nice "home-brewed" sugercane-y sort of taste. this was maybe, 10+ years ago, and i remember when they were blowing them out when they cancelled the line. is there anything similar that one can get? i did some research and apparently they might still sell the stuff in australia/new zealand. confirm/deny? is it the same thing? anyone ever try getting their hands on some???

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  1. not sure if its sugar cane but rc cola is served on draft at crif dogs, nyc

    1. RC cola always had a great taste, didn't it? It was considered the "cheap stuff" because it was always less expensive than coca-cola, and pepsi. I think RC stands for Royal Crown. I liked it.
      Hopefully, it's still around and hasn't fizzled out.

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        i believe regular RC is still around. the one i'm looking for is (was) a short-lived premium cola they put out called "RC Draft" that was flavored with pure sugarcane. it came in beer bottles and was truly awesome! don't know if i can make it all the way to new york just to try RC on tap from a bar though hehe... i wonder if it's the same thing!

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          I have been hunting for R.C. Draft for a long time.

          The last time I ran into it was in Quebec, about five years ago. The bottles were shorter and fatter, the labels were in French.

          I have no way to tell if this was just left over from an old run in the nineties or if it was recently produced. It did taste good.

          R.C. Draft was sincerely the best cola I have ever had. If you hear anything about it, please let us all know!

      2. Royal Crown Cola! I havent' seen that in decades!

        1. a whole lot of bars and restaurants in the ny metro area serve rc cola from the soda gun(cheaper than coke or pepsi), it is sold by sea breeze company based out of nj which also supplies 7up and dr. pepper and good old bosco syrups.

          1. Regular RC is my favorite pop of all time! I don't remember that special version though. There are very few restaurants that serve it here, but you can bet I know which ones they are!

            1. Yes! We loved RC Draft, it had a complex, almost chocolatey taste. When they stopped making it and the stores were selling cases cheap, we bought a lot of it and I bet I still have some cases in my garage. Wonder if it's still good?

              1. That was a great cola. I know it was discontinued years ago, but I remember about 5 or 6 years ago, Galco's market had some. The people working there told me that the owner had worked a deal with the bottlers to make a run of the RC Cola Draft. I don't see it listed on their website, but you might contact the store asking if they ever have batches made for them now. I had the Galco's case discount card, but it was so long ago I think the card is long lost. http://sodapopstop.com

                1. I remember it quite vividly and thought it was another Choke-a-Chola wars blunder. Not that RC-D wasn't any good, but how long (?) was it going to last. Another mistake was to let supplies of the leader RC-Cola slip as that could just as bad as a dairy running out of milk!

                  At one time Choke (aka Coke) was once the top gun. Coke decided to shoot itself in the foot, blowing off both big toes! Don't monkey with Real Thing without some consumer war to fight. Well, enough venting while I am enjoying a Pepsi. (Colas are a very serious thing in these parts)

                  Now the only "keg-draft" available around here (without special ordering) is Sprecher, but only as a Root Beer soda. Puma Kola in the bottle is somewhat close to the RC-D but a bit pricy.


                  1. Its still out there - http://www.rccolainternational.com/. Same company that makes Diet Rite.

                    When I was in grad school, I read a study of RC Cola. One thing I remember was that in blind taste tests (aka 'The Pepsi Challenge') RC was consistently chosen above both Coke and Pepsi.

                    1. Yep, they still sell it in NZ :)

                      [ http://www.foodtown.co.nz/HomeShoppin...


                      Perfect drink for a Christmas barbecue!

                      1. Oooh, great product. thanks for the memories! I still have an empty bottle of it in my room back at my parents along with all the other unnecessary stuff that teens seem to collect.

                        1. I don't remember RC Draft cause I drink Coca Cola--but they have RC in Trinidad-cheaper than Coke or Pepsi

                          1. RC Draft Cola and a Moon Pie.. classic children's snack in the South. I urge you to try this unique pairing yourself.

                            1. My dad is a huge fan. He alone may be keeping them in business. Seriously. It's available in the south - Nashville, Memphis, Louisiana, Alabama, etc. - so when he's down on business he ships crates of the stuff home (NH). I'm not talking a box or two, but entire pallets, big-ass 1/4 of a semi-truck sized crates. I wouldn't be surprised if the go under soon - he's just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes ...

                              1. Clarification:

                                RC Cola is *not* the same as RC Draft Cola.

                                RC Draft was a short lived experiment, a "premium cola" that had a certain peculiar malty flavor to it. At first sip, I thought it was sort of nasty. Over the course of a couple bottles, I soon realized it was pure deliciousness. As far as I know, it has been completely discontinued.

                                RC Cola, on the other hand, is a mainstream cola, and can be procured easily. By no means as widespread as Coca Cola or Pepsi, it is still a major cola. This is the cola that is one ingredient in the classic Southern combination of "RC Cola and a Moonpie."

                                1. Used to work for RC corporate HQ. RC Draft hasn't been available in the US for probably at least 5 years. BTW, the brand is now owned by Cadbury Schweppes.

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                                    is there any way to order it in the states?

                                  2. I think they still sell RC in Latin America.

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                                      None in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brasil, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, ...

                                    2. never heard of RC draft, but bottled RC and peanuts was a staple for me as a kid in north FL.

                                      now that you mention it, i don't recall ever even seeing RC in the bottle lately.

                                      1. God, I loved that stuff. I have it confirmed by RC International that the only place RC Draft (which is soooooo not the same as RC cola!) is still available is New Zealand.

                                        1. I would give my left nutsack to get some of that Royal Crown Draft premium Cola shipped from New Zealand back over here. It's been 10 years since that last Crack fix, and you know what they say about addicts ;)

                                          Maybe rameniac and I can go into an Import business together. We'd drink up the profits!

                                          1. I LOVED that stuff. There are some similar, small-batch, glass-bottle, sugar cane colas out there, but I just think they don't compare. That formula was awesome.

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                                              I used to buy RC Premium Draft Cola at Target, fell in love with it. Then Target discontinued it and was blowing it out at 99 cents a six pack. I went to every Target Store in the Region buying what they had. This was eight or nine years ago and I have never seen it again. I recently checked RC's web site and they still show it there. I e-mailed them as to where I could find some, but I got no response. Maybe there website is out-dated but I can't believe it's that out-dated that they would still have something on there web site that has been discontinued for five years or so. What made me check on it is that I recently stopped to eat in a place in El Dorado, California called Poor Red's I ordered a Cola with my Pulled Pork Sandwich. When I tasted the soda I knew right away It was RC Draft Cola even though I hadn't had any in probably seven years. I asked the waitress what kind of soda it was and she said, "Oh, I'm sorry, we don't have Coke or Pepsi, It's RC". I said is out of a bottle? She said "No we have It on tap, Do you want something else instead?" I said "No way this is the best cola I've had in years, can I have another one?" And she said "We have free refills" Well I thought I had died and gone to heaven. So if you can find who distributes RC (I think they're also tied in with 7up) in your area and what restaurants they deliver to, then you can probably still find the best tasting cola ever!
                                              PS - David Horowitz used to have a TV show that tested claims made in Commercials. He had a bunch of blind folded people taste like five or six different cola's and they all picked RC Cola (not even the Draft, but regular) as the best tasting cola.

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                                                  I remember RC Cola (I knew someone who thought you had to be Catholic to drink it) from years ago, when a local discount chain sold it for $4 for a case of 24, while Coke and Pepsi were $5. I never thought it was any worse than Coke or Pepsi, in fact, in some ways I preferred it.

                                                  Unfortunately, I can't find it now, and the discount chain is closed as well.

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                                                    I remember the commerical with a woman on a skateboard singing "me and my RC". I also remember that if you lifted up the rubber underneath the cap, you could win money - like 10 cents or whatever.

                                                    1. re: Mel.D

                                                      That woman on the skateboard was none other than Sharon Stone.

                                            2. YES! I don't drink pop anymore but if I did, I would miss that stuff. I definitely grew up on it.

                                              1. hi rameniac i live in auckland newzealand and have good news for you they sell it here in newzealand its call rc royal crown draft premium cola

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                                                  Is that really good news? Or is it a logistical nightmare? ;/)

                                                2. Not sure about RC Draft, but I love RC and gt it everytime I am visiting in IN.

                                                  1. I remember RC Draft Cola very well. In fact, I just finished one. It really is a wonderful cola. The best I've ever had. The carbonation is finer than most colas. The flavor is almost chocolate-y. Very dark and rich. It's not something I'd drink with food. It's more of an after-dinner treat. I wish RC would bring it back and this time, market it properly. I'd pay $6 a 4-pack. When it came out, I remember how difficult it was to find. Many stores put it in the beer section. In fact, I was once carded trying to buy it. No matter what I said, the girl at the grocery store would not believe it was cola. Apparently the word "draft" really threw her off. When I found out it was discontinued, I went on a small quest and found a retail distributor that had them. I bought 14 cases. I should have bought more in retrospect but I had little room in the car or my NYC apartment. As of 5 years ago, I had finished all save for one 4-pack which I put in my wall unit and forgot about. Tonight, I put one in the fridge and had it a few hours later. It was amazing. It hadn't lost a thing. I wish other things could last that long. Even Kosher Coke is only good for a few months. If you don't know about Kosher Coke, look it up. Please add your voice and let RC know you'd like to see it back.

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                                                      i have one bottle of RC draft left, enshrined in a glass display in case of a global extinction-level-event.

                                                    2. Hello. You can find RC Draft Cola today (in 2009) in New Zealand and Australia. You can order it directly through a company called "Anything New Zealand." Ask to speak to Grant Henderson. He sent me some earlier this year. Good luck!

                                                      1. yes, but then would i be dating myself??