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Dec 27, 2006 11:55 PM

Does Queens have balls?

Sorry to continue the bad humor, but I couldn't resist.

So this food I havn't tried yet seems to be all the rage this week. First my coworker suggests his favorite restaurant, Malecon in The Bronx for this ball-shaped concoction called Mofongo. Then a few days later Robert Sietsema of the Village Voice writes a whole article about a Mofongo House in Washington Heights. There's no shortage of Dominican places in my Queens stomping grounds (Sunnyside, Woodside, Jackson Heights, Corona) though, so I was wondering if anybody has any rec's?

A Restaurant with Balls:

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  1. Had to respond to the "balls" question, but part of me was hoping you meant Takoyaki (Octopus Balls), in which event I would not have been able to help you (not for Queens anyway).

    If you are asking about other areas of Queens for Mofongo, you might give El Reys (Hillside Avenue by the Sutphin F stop) a try. This Dominican diner doesn't get too much attention, (most probably because it is somewhat out of the way, in a non-descript area, bordering between Briarwood and Jamaica. Lots of car dealerships and gas stations, fast food restaurants). But they do serve up Mofongo, either separately or as part of one of the more gut busting Dominican Breakfast plates available anywhere. Wash it down with a frothy, cinammon-dashed Spanish Coffee.

    Now, if you were just talking "balls", Cheburechnaya has ram testicles on their menu.

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    1. re: Polecat

      I was thinking takoyaki as well. There is a takoyaki stand in the food court in the big mall in Flushing. Haven't tried them.

      1. re: babar ganesh

        This is good news. I paid many visits to the Prince Steet takoyaki stand until in closed about a year ago. I wonder if this is the same young couple?

        1. re: Dave_G

          Unfortunetely, the mall balls are soggy, greasy, undercooked, lifeless and all around awful octopus balls. I don't normally write negative reviews (don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything) but these warrant it. It's too bad because I miss the Taiwanese street-food version of takoyaki, which in my experience has been a little bit crispier on the outside and included wasabi-mayo.

          Now that I think of it there is one other place that makes decent takoyaki. It's at the Oz Cafe in Elmhurst (83-05 Broadway just south of Whitney Ave).

          Still haven't had mofongo though.

        2. re: babar ganesh

          Very interesting. Which mall is this? When it comes to Flushing,
          I am somewhat in the dark, mall-wise. There are quite a few. Do you have an address?

          How do you think this stand stacks up to Otafuku in the East Village?

          1. re: Polecat

            it's the mall on 39th between prince and college point road -- i think it's officially called "flushing mall". there is a food court downstairs. i haven't eaten at any of the places there, but some have been written up on chowhound. since i haven't eaten at the takoyaki place in the flushing mall, i can't compare it to otafuku. i just noticed it last week, and i'd just eaten at s&t.

            i like otafuku very much, btw.

        3. re: Polecat

          Good pointer on Cheburechnaya! I was about to say, if lamb testes are really what you've got to have, just call ahead to any good Uzbek joint and ask if they have "dombalan". That should do the trick if you can manage not to sound like a prank caller.

        4. Perhaps Nina and nearby Quisqueya, both near the junction of Junction and Roosevelt.

          1. Just a small correction. El Malecon to my knowledge has only two branches: The flagship in Washington Heights and another location a bit north of 97th and Amsterdam. Neither is in the Bronx.

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            1. Mofongo in Queens:

              Las Vegas Restaurant
              (718) 482-9478
              4462 21st St (Corner of 44th Dr.)
              Long Island City, NY 11101

              Good mofongo. Mash it up and pour plenty of "chuleta" sauce over it. It serves two.