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Dec 27, 2006 11:22 PM

Mozza Pizzeria - Perceptor's Report

after reading all the chowhound reports on Mozza, I finally had the chance to check it out for myself. We got seats at the counter, just arm's length from owner nancy silverton. She was there to make pizzas that night. After reading the wide spectrum of reviews on chowhound, I wonder where i would fall into. Now that i have experienced Mozza, I classified myself under the "YES I LIKE" category. We had a fantastic meal there. The food was great and service was friendly. I didn't wanna get too philosophical about the pizza dough. All i know is my taste buds were incredible happy when biting into the 3 different pizzas that we got and thats the most important measuring stick....

Click link for photo coverage -

Pizzeria Mozza
641 N Highland Ave (Cross Street: Melrose Avenue
)Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 297-0101

- Perceptor

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  1. molto bene! can't tell you how helpful these reports are.

    those fried squash blossoms look INCREDIBLE, as do the rest of the pics.

    1. excellent review -- thank you for the pictures!!!

      1. I have been on the fence about whether I should brave the hassle of getting to and into Mozza. Those pictures made up my mind - when I get back to LA after the holidays, I'm so there.

        1. oh yum, your pics looks SO good, reminds me that I need to get myself back there! I loved their chicken liver, capers, parsley and guanciale crostini so much that I might make the trip just to get it. That, and the affogato. And maybe I'll try their squash blossom. And heck, I think I'll have to try that clam pizza too now... :P

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          1. re: maybelle

            That chicken liver bruschetta was one of the best things I've eaten all year!

          2. While your pictures look wonderful, as does the food in person, there are differing opinions on the taste issues.
            I went last Thursday and also had the squash blossom thingy, chicken liver and brussels sprouts apps. All 3 very disappointing, especially the squash blossom. Fried blossom framework had no taste and just a lump of gooey cheese inside -good cheese, but still just cheese. B/Spts much better at AOC, as is the chicken liver appy.
            Had the fennel pizza as well as the goat cheese/carmelized onion pizza - good fennel sausage, yet no other taste on top. On the goat cheese one, the flavors did not meld together whatsoever. And as to that crust - Carr's Water cracker in taste - blech! Properly cooked yet dreadful taste.
            The butterscotch dessert was fine enough yet hardly comparable to the one at Jar, and the fig thing was awful as the crust tasted like it was made with day old shortbread cookies and, as dull as the crust taste was, it still overpowered the lack of a fig taste. Who created that idea needs to start over. Wish the meyer lemon topping was a separate dessert instead of with the fig item, but the two did not go together whatsoever.
            Wines nice enough, coffee awful.
            Over all, maybe a C+ for food on PoetKitty's scale. Decor and feel - B+. Doubt I would return.