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Dec 27, 2006 11:07 PM

romantic drinks with good food a plus

thanks to Rabbit for suggesting Czehoski in the Coca posting

any other suggestions in downtown toronto?

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  1. Wish (3 charles st. e) can be pretty cozy. outstanding martinis, and very decent food.

    1. Two newish places are both great spaces for drinks: Trevor (Wellington east of Yonge, cellar room, bar area is dark and romantic) and Globe (Danforth and Broadview, bar area in the front is beautiful, lots of wines by the glass).

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        I have been to Trevor twice, first time was great but second time things started to bother me.. We were sitting at the bar as all the tables were full and with the low ceiling and the high stools it felt very claustraphobic. Then around 10pm the music at the bar above (Pravda) started pounding so loud that all we could hear was the bass. Could see by the look on Trevors face that he was not impressed either. This was a wdnesday night I can not imagine a weekend. While the food is great and the room beautiful it is not too romantic with these issues..

      2. 18 th floor at the Hyatt is quite romantic for drinks and food