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Dec 27, 2006 10:26 PM

Sante wine bar(Asheville-Grove Arcade) - worth a stop

This is a hip sort of spot at the NE corner end of the Grove Arcade with large windows that give you a good view of the griffins guarding the Arcade. Wine by the glass and bottle and a limited menu of bar apps like cheese platters, hummus, olive spread make it more of a spot to have a before or after dinner drink. Very pleasant though. Owner says they are having free wine tasting 3rd Tuesdays of every month.

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  1. I agree totally! I love this place :)

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    1. re: caiogirl

      I'm so thrilled that they have a neat outdoor area now as well with this cool umbrella tree. Definitely a good after dinner, wine and snack spot

    2. Was there the other night - love it and the dog friendly patio.

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      1. re: jbyoga

        I went two Saturdays ago, and was surprised how packed it was. Good energy, great crowd- just wish they had some background music- maybe some nice jazz or something. The cheese/meat platters are great- they even box it up nicely to go.