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Dec 27, 2006 10:17 PM

What would you do with Sour Cherry Syrup?

I bought this at a small shop on Atlantic avenue because I am obsessed with sour cherries. So what do most folks do with sour cherry syrup?

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  1. How about over ice cream on a Belgian waffle?

    1. Make Nigella Lawson's chocolate-cherry trifle and soak the cake with the syrup, or mix the syrup with the brandy...and then drizzle some of the syrup over the top. Yum...

      Here's the link to the recipe:

      1. Hey I just ordered sour cherries in syrup for that recipe but I will use the syrup as well. I dont know how to explain this without getting teary but Nigella Lawson's (show) got me through some tough times. Anything she makes is magic for me and everyone I know. Thanks for the ideas.

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          Well, that trifle will surely make you weep with joy. It was a show-stopper a few days ago for Christmas Eve dessert. I love Nigella, too...I love her spunk and her absolute passion for food. And I love how she's always going into her fridge at night for one more bite. Yeah, I know it's staged...but you can just imagine her taking an entire pot of chili up to her room with her, can't you? :)

        2. There's a little rest. in Door County Wisconsin that makes sour cherry pancakes with sour cherry syrup that is just great!
          Mite be something to try with your syrup---

          1. Freeze in ice cube tray for cocktails
            Swirl in yogurt
            Pour over poundcake
            Make a shaved ice