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Dec 27, 2006 10:08 PM

where to buy duck liver pate with port jelly?

hi, all. does anyone know at what store i can buy duck liver pate with port jelly? i live in the greenwich village/union square area, so if there's somewhere close, that'd be great. i checked garden of eden and didn't see it there. thanks in advance.


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  1. I am quite sure that Dean and Deluca has it. Citeralla on 13th has a variety of duck liver pate, but not sure if they have the specific kind you are looking for. Jeffreyson market right next to Citeralla also carries some duck liver pate.

    I think Dean and Deluca is the safest bet.

    1. Are you looking for the two items packaged together? It might be easier if you buy duck liver pate ( D"Artagnan makes several variations that are widely available )and a jar of Port (or currant) jelly.