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Vanilla Paste

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Okay, succumbed to the urge to buy/try something new and bought some vanilla paste, but haven't used it yet. Anybody used it and loved it/hated it, can't figure out why anybody would bother? Recommendations, observations?

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  1. I LOVE vanilla bean paste! I use it in my applesauce, pancakes, butter, anything that calls for vanilla extract! It is so much easier and affordable than a vanilla bean, and super versatile. Have fun!

    1. I find it better for cooking than for baking-- in sauces, glazes, and savory concoctions. It doesn't have the power of infusing with the bean, and (as you know by now) it's quite sweet, but it is a huge savings for extract-like flavor with attractive beany flecks. I use it almost daily with plain whole-milk yogurt and berries for breakfast-- gives just a hint of sweetness and vanilla-y goodness.

      1. A great place I found to answer any questions about vanilla in general was on the website of my favorite - Nielsen Massey. I emailed them several different times, and got great suggestions, usually from a Nielsen. Gayle Gand (famous pastry chef) told me the BEST is Nielsen Massey - she also has a new cookbook out "Chocolate and Vanilla".

        1. I am new to Vanilla Paste too. I am very particular about my vanilla then baking so I am thrill with this and am anxious to try it. I am sure it would be wonderful in bread and rice puddings too. Ice cream is very tempting!!! Will let you know what I try.

          1. I picked some up from Trader Joes and LOVE IT!! I love the fact that it has vanilla beans in it and it is inexpensive?

            1. Is it ground seeds from inside the beans or does it also have the ground pods? I think a lot of ice cream makers tout the ground vanilla in their ice creams when it is really ground pods not seeds that you see.

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                In the one I have it is seeds (at least I am fairly certain of that). I would assume that ground pods would not be perfectly round, right? What I see is perfectly round.

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                  Yes, I would think that the round things are seeds not ground pod.