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Dec 27, 2006 09:31 PM

Vanilla Paste

Okay, succumbed to the urge to buy/try something new and bought some vanilla paste, but haven't used it yet. Anybody used it and loved it/hated it, can't figure out why anybody would bother? Recommendations, observations?

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  1. I LOVE vanilla bean paste! I use it in my applesauce, pancakes, butter, anything that calls for vanilla extract! It is so much easier and affordable than a vanilla bean, and super versatile. Have fun!

    1. I find it better for cooking than for baking-- in sauces, glazes, and savory concoctions. It doesn't have the power of infusing with the bean, and (as you know by now) it's quite sweet, but it is a huge savings for extract-like flavor with attractive beany flecks. I use it almost daily with plain whole-milk yogurt and berries for breakfast-- gives just a hint of sweetness and vanilla-y goodness.

      1. A great place I found to answer any questions about vanilla in general was on the website of my favorite - Nielsen Massey. I emailed them several different times, and got great suggestions, usually from a Nielsen. Gayle Gand (famous pastry chef) told me the BEST is Nielsen Massey - she also has a new cookbook out "Chocolate and Vanilla".

        1. I am new to Vanilla Paste too. I am very particular about my vanilla then baking so I am thrill with this and am anxious to try it. I am sure it would be wonderful in bread and rice puddings too. Ice cream is very tempting!!! Will let you know what I try.

          1. I picked some up from Trader Joes and LOVE IT!! I love the fact that it has vanilla beans in it and it is inexpensive?