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Peruvian restaurant in the DC metro area?

I have tried a few restaurants in the area that say they serve Peruvian food, but I have yet to find a place like the one in Pittsburgh called La Feria (http://www.laferia.net/).

If anyone knows of a place that serves the kind of dishes the Pittsburgh restaurant has as their weekly specials (http://www.laferia.net/WEEKS.cfm), please let me know.

And food lovers, if you find yourselves in Pgh, I highly recommend stopping at this place for lunch and ordering something from their specials menu!

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  1. You might try Flor de la Canela, in Gaithersburg. Very good selection of dishes, and in my limited Peruvian experience, quite authentic, too. There's also a place in Virginia near Maxim's dimsum on Route 7 sort of near 395 but I cannot think of the name.

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      The Virginia place you are thinking of is Machu Picchu. I heartily recommend it. Also Costa Verde in Arlington. Both better than El Chalan in DC or El Puerto.

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        Hi Steve,

        I'm from Peru and I'm DC for 3 weeks, it looks that you know a lot of Peruvian food. I will invite some friends to have lunch in DC in 2 weeks I like to know if you recommend me some restaurant. I found on the web 2 options: El Chalán and Inti.

        Are you tried both?


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          To get the best Peruvian food, I think you'd need to go the suburbs. El Chalan is mediocre, though I guess you'd know more than I would. I don't know anything about Inti.

          However, since you are from peru, maybe you can talk to the people at El Chalan or Inti and they can perhaps do something special for you.

          If you can get out to the suburbs, then Costa Verde (get the pescado chorellano) in Arlington, Virginia, Machu Picchu (pulpa en su tinta) in Falls Church, Virginia and La Limena in Rockville, Maryland are all very good. I have not been to La Canela in Rockville, Maryland, which is supposed to be the best.

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            If El Puerto still exists on Columbia Pike (behind the 7-11) then I'd check it out. To the OP, obviously you know there are many varieties of food within Peru, so if you want something specific - please name that.

            EP is largely just up-coastal, so mainly seafood that is fried, etc.

    2. I lived in Peru in the sixties, and really do enjoy this place -
      Machu Picchu, 5912 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church 22041
      Between Glen Forest Dr & Magnolia Ave.

      Here's a look at their menu: http://tinyurl.com/yzkelq

      1. I don't know if it's like what you want, but I also recommend La Flor de la Canela... it's in an unlikely spot... kind of hard to find, tucked back in a shopping strip on 355. Here's a review from a couple years ago:

        In Gaithersburg there is also the Nibbler. It is more casual.

        1. In DC proper, there's also the venerable El Chalan. It's been around for more than 30 years, and I've been going for almost 20.


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            Thank you so much for mentioning El Chalan! My husband and I had our first date there in the late 1980's, and then he proposed to me in that restaurant a few months later. I could not remember the name of the restaurant and have been off and on searching for it for the past several years!

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              I ate there about twelve years ago when I was down for a conference and staying at the nearby Lombardy Hotel. I too had forgotten the name, and I remember it being pretty good.


          2. Costa Verde in Arlington is certainly worth a try.

            1. I love La Feria! I just moved from Pittsburgh to MD last year and I used to meet a friend for lunch there almost once a week. Mmmmm...I'm in Pittsburgh for the holidays. I might have to go.

              Slightly off topic...but does anybody have similar recommendations closer to Baltimore? I live near BWI and work in Annapolis so I don't head west very often.

              1. I'm still curious about the variations I've found in Peruvian food, from deep fried seafood to seafood with sauces to the chicken. I'm guessing some of it has to do with the differences in elevation, but I'm not sure about the differences in the seafood.

                To add to the list, El Puerto in Arlington, on Columbia Pike is a fried seafood place, and there's the place on 18th in lower Adams Morgan that does the seafood with creative sauces. Both are decent but not outstanding.

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                  Some of the differences could have to do with the fact that the cuisine of the interior would probably have more Indian influence and the coast more European & African influence.

                2. The Chicken Place, University Blvd in Wheaton, just east of Georgia Avenue. Don't let the name fool you. Chicken's great, but so's the Anticuchos de Corazon, Papas a la Huancaina, Ocopa, Chupe de Camaron, Lomo Saltado and many other dishes. Service can be leisurely, but I think that's because dishes are prepared to order.

                  1. Your link wasn't working when I tried it, but look into Lauriol Plaza in Dupont Circle. Most consider it a Mexican restaurant and consequently rate it average. But the Peruvian dishes (lomo saltado, salmon a la parilla, masitas de puerco) really shine.

                    1. The Nibbler in Gaithersburg close to Montgomery Airpark is super tasty, but quite casual.

                      1. la canela in rockville town center is excellent.

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                          Definitely the place to go. Authentic food and drink, if a bit high end.

                        2. Ocopa is opening its doors August 5th. Classic Peruvian food. Check out some items from the menu ocopa.kitchen and follow @ocopadc on twitter, IG and FB. Chef Carlos Delgado debuted some tastes on Monday and they were out of this world. 1324 H St NE, DC.

                          1. Puerto 511 in Baltmore is worth a detour. It's bit on the refined side which is rare find in the states except in major cities, with essentially the chef and his family running the entire small space that is byob. While it may not be fair to compare, I think this place puts together better versions of ceviche than now closed La Mar in Manhattan; La Mar in Peru is a whole different story...