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Dec 27, 2006 09:19 PM

Chowhound-y Place to Stop for Lunch on the Way to Stowe from NYC

We'll be leaving for Stowe this Friday and are interested in a place to stop for lunch on our way up to Vermont. We always hit Pepe's in New Haven for a clam pie or two when we're going anywhere in New England, but this is abit farther up than usual and so we need something a bit farther away from NY- somewhere around the mid-way point....

Thanks a Million and Happy New Year,

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  1. There's a fabulous and funky little restaurant just off I-91 in Easthampton, Massachusetts (half hour north of Springfield): Apollo Grill. Check their directions so you can find it and get back to the freeway without doubling back: Enjoy!

    1. Absolutley, Positively Simon Pearce in Quechee, VT is not to be missed. Near the Intersection of RT 4 east -west and I-91

      1. Both Simon Pearce and Apollo Grill look interesting. We leaned more toward the menu at Simon Pearce. I googled it and checked out the pics. It looks a bit fancy-shmanchy. Will jeans and sweats be okay? We'll be driving for seven hours so we won't be as dressed as we normally would for such a lovely looking restaurant.


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          It's nice, but not incredibly fancy-shmancy by any means. It's a restaurant inside a glass-blowing studio/store/old mill. Beautiful setting, although I must say, I find the food there to be overrated. Good, certainly not great. But again, the view of the waterfall by the mill is stunning.

          1. re: Bostonbob3

            I totally agree- overrated but beautiful spot. Not fancy for lunch.

            1. re: professorbeezer

              Overrated for dinner, great for lunch. Very casual long waits.

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                We just had lunch at Simon Pearce today, Fri, Dec 29. At 1:30 the wait was an hour and a half. We waited, and when we sat down to eat at 3pm, half of the diners were in jeans. It was a fantastic meal.

        2. Thanks for the rec, Professorbeezer! We had lunch at Simon Pearce today on our way BACK to NYC from Stowe (we couldn't get in on Friday- it was jam packed...) and it was hands down the best meal of our long weekend in Vermont. Everything was perfect from the food to the view to the polished service. I would return in a heartbeat. Standouts included cheddar soup, a spinach salad with poached pears, blue cheese, and candied almonds, shepherd's pie, rainbow trout, and a warm cinnamony apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. I must say that although I'm not big on ordering chicken out, the woman at a nearby table's order of griled sesame chicken looked outrageous.

          A great suggestion. Many Thanks. My toddler also really enjoyed the glass blowing downstairs and the view of the frozen waterfall at our excellent table.


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            How did you find the food in Stowe ??

            1. re: TonyO

              Turn left at Montpelier.

              (Apologies to John Lennon.)

              1. re: TonyO

                Just wrote up a quick report....

                Happy New Year,

            2. Just wanted to add a post to this thread. Went to upperstate NY this weekend, and stopped half-way in Chicopee, MA. Husband knew of a diner called Bernies Dining Depot, which was about 5 minutes off the Pike. Apparently they're known for their prime rib, so of course we had to check it out. MASSIVE bone-in slice arrived. This was the "small", and it had to be two+inches thick, and very flavorful for something like $10 bucks.

              It's got the whole "diner" thing going on too for those seeking it out. Old train car at one end, regular diner attached to it, stools, milkshakes, and just the right waitstaff for this kind of place. Very kid-friendly, and right on there for chowishness.

              (And good luck figuring out who gets to drive after putting away that quantity of meat! ha! )