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shirataki noodles

Hi Chowfolks-

I just learned about these and would like to try them. Does anyone know where they can be purchased in the Quincy area. Calls to local likely spots-Kam Man, Super 88, Stop and Shop, Hannaford all yielded NOs.

Does anyone know of a place around here that carries them or must I truck on over to Super88 in Allston (which wouldn't be a bad thing, just might delay me).



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  1. They're definitely at Super 88

    1. I've found them at Whole Foods

      1. Roche Bros. (at least the one in Burlington) carries Tofu Shirataki regularly - I know I've seen the just-plain Shirataki there too, but don't know if they carry them all the time.

        1. My guess is,they have them at Kam Man, and you probably just ran into a language problem, or someone who was too bust=y to check; they seem to have a zillion products!...But yes, Whole Foods and Roche Brothers...

          1. Assuming you mean the whitish/clear ones made of yam, I've seen them at a number of Chinese grocery stores. I tend to favor the Japanese brands vs. the Chinese ones. If you're ever in Chinatown, Sun Sun Market carries the Japanese brand that I think has a better body to it than that of the Chinese brands.

            1. Many thanks to you all!! I will keep my eye out for them at these locations.

              1. They have them at Wild Oats as well.

                1. You can definitely buy them at Good Health on Hancock Street. I buy them there all of the time. They have the tofu ones and the non-tofu ones. I think the tofu ones are nasty but the regular ones are awesome.

                  1. Not in the Quincy area, but Russo's usually has them.

                    1. I was also on a search for Tofu Shirataki in the Somerville area. Someone told me Trader Joe's had them but at TJ's they said they were no longer carrying them. Didn't find them at Shaw's or Stop & Shop. Tried the Japanese market in Porter Exchange and I did see refrigerated noodles that said "Yam". Are these them? I thought I would see the word "Shirataki" so I didn't think that was it.

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                        Those yam noodles are probably them - the House Foods website, http://www.house-foods.com/our_produc..., calls them both shirataki and yam noodles. (The "yam" in question being yet another vegetable called a "yam" that's not a sweet potato and not that other thing that's not a sweet potato either.)

                      2. they are in the refridgerated section (kimchi/japanese section) at kam man. They even have blocks of konyaku too and konyaku fake cuttlefish.

                        I like to buy the blocks of konyaku, brush them with a miso glaze and then grill them.

                        I have yet to find flavored konnyaku.

                        1. Yes, the konnyaku (yam) ones should be available at Super 88, kam man, kotobukiya (porter sq), yoshinoya (central square), and any number of other groceries. (Super 88 and kam man, in particular, always seem to just say 'no' when you ask them about things, but maybe that's just me...)
                          The traditional "pure" konnyaku ones are delightfully chewy and elastic. (I usually buy JFC brand, but only because it's ubiquitous, not because I think it's any better than the others) Great lunchbox item. (Parboil and then saute quickly with a sauce: spicy japanese mustard, a few drops of vinegar, and sesame oil; or a little bit of sake and some mentaiko with a sprinkle of salt; etc.)

                          Apparently House brand has figured out how to blend tofu with konnyaku to make a more noodle-like product. I've seen these at whole foods on prospect in cambridge, in addition to the leads above.

                          1. kotobukiya at porter square

                            1. Thanks all!

                              I have got the noodles so far at Super 88 (Allston-not
                              Quincy), Good Health (my new go to place for organic, etc. that's not Whole foods and is a little local spot-they're great!), having said that-also go tthem at Whole Foods and Roche Briohers.

                              Only tried the tofu-shirataki so far. Will get pure shiratki next for taste test.

                              FYI--If anyone's eating these because they're a great source of fiber and they help digest carbs over a longer period of time (goof for not spiking blood sugar), there's a supplement availabe made solely from konjac root (AKA Shirataki)--it's called glucomannan.

                              Thanks for the recs and recipes. too!