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Dec 27, 2006 08:54 PM

Anything Chow Worthy Around Manahawkin/Tuckerton?

I know, it's a wasteland for the most part around Manahawkin and Tuckerton. Some ok places, but nothing fantastic. We're spending New Year's Eve with my sister and family, but want to have a private meal before the festivities. We're staying at a B&B in Tuckerton, so we don't want to go further south than that, or further north than Manahawkin - obviously we know that leaves us with few choices.

Everytime we ask my BIL for a recommendation, or we go out with them we're always disappointed. He "thinks" he knows good food, but really, what he knows is a bargain. Or maybe it's just there really isn't anything worthwhile in the area? I know further south or east (Cape May, Atlantic City) there's plenty of choices, but we're definately not going to drive that far away.

Any thoughts? Or should I just tell my sister she needs to cook dinner for us? Or suck it up and go to Applebees?

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  1. Mud City on Bay Ave is great and very chowish. They do great seafood at quite reasonable prices. I do not know if they are open all year though.

    Oh, this is by no means a fancy place at all.

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      Mud City is open all year. Excellent seafood, casual atmosphere, BYOB. I've taken clients there for dinner and they were impressed.

    2. Would you be willing to drive up north to Toms River? If so, Slowly and Bisto 44 (both downtown) are quite chow worthy. Also, if open, there are a few very good restaurants on LBI including the Green Gables. If your willing to drive further there a number of good places in AC including Bobby Flay's Steakhouse, SeaBlue, Girasole, Chef Vola, etc. Good luck.

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        No, like I mentioned in my post, we have no intention of driving to AC and Tom's River is also too far. We just want to have a private dinner before we head over to the party alone without going out of the area since my sister's home is only 10 minutes north of where we're staying. But thanks for the recs, perhaps we'll use them for another time we're down there :-) We're especially looking forward to trying Bobby Flay's new steak house, since we've eaten at all of his other venues.

      2. I've read good reviews about Plantation on LBI. It might be worth checking out.

        1. That could work, I know the reviewer from another forum and he/she is very reputable with their opinions. We're eating on the early side, so hopefully we'd be able to get in. We'll look into that one - thanks alot!

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            If you go, please post back and let us know how it is. My mother lives in Barnegat and I'm out there a lot. BTW, she is a big Mud City fan.

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              I hadnt thought of going onto LBI in response to the above: but I have been to Plantation numerous times over the past two years and they are quite consistent as to the food and atmosphere is calming.

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                Cool. My mother's birthday is coming up--maybe I'll take her there.

          2. how about the grapevine on route 9 in tuckerton? also, a little further south is octopus's garden in mayetta. they are both right on route 9 and easy for you to get to. grapevine has a liquor license but octopus's garden is a byob. both probably serving dinner rather than having parties tomorrow nite and much nicer holiday atmosphere than mud city.

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