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Dec 27, 2006 08:32 PM

Is The Water Grill as good as it was back in the glory days?

I remember reading some time ago that their Executive Chef left and that it isn't as good as it used to be. I have never been there and have always wanted to go but I am having mixed feelings about it. What have been your experiences lately?

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  1. LeFevre has continued and IMO improved upon the fine tradition at Water Grill established by Cimarusti.

    Go, you won't be disappointed.

    Only regret I have about this place is that the pastry chef (Duncan Koa) has left.

    1. I just found Providence. Have you gone and is it as good as Watergrill?

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        Both places are fine, although I am a bigger fan of Water Grill than Providence.

        I like Providence, but I am not as big a fan of the place as many on the board are.

        Providence and Water Grill are quite different. Providence is seafood with a French flair; whereas Water Grill lacks the Cal-French accents that Cimarusti has built into his menu at Providence.

        Do a search on the boards (just type in "Providence" on the search box) and you'll find lots of reviews.

        Enjoy ... wherever you end up.