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Maui Dining

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As with many touristy places, Maui is mediocre when it comes to dining. We found a couple of decent, but overpriced places.

David Paul - overall 8/10. The portions were decent, the food was overpriced, and the service was junior varsity. The lobster ravioli was excellent and was the highlight of the meal. The rack of lamb had 4 nice chops and were cooked well. The pork chop was overdone and chewy (I asked for medium, but it came out well-done). Appetizes averaged $17, entrees $40, and desserts $15.

Banyan Tree - overall 7/10. The portions, food, and service were decent, but the food was overpriced. The kampachi (hamachi) was very fresh and the fillet mignon was cooked and seasoned perfectly. The crab cake appetizers were forgettable as was the "signature" pineapple cake. The 3 course prix-fix was $100 and the kampachi was $40.

Enjoy the island, but keep your dining expectations in check.

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  1. I find it tragic tht the name David Paul's continues when David has not had any association
    with the establishment for quite some time. It was really something to rave about when
    he was there.