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Dec 27, 2006 08:22 PM

VaHound in Fells Point

Staying at a bed and breakfast next two nights (28th and 29th) in Fells Point. Most restaurants recommended (from there website) I just do not feel I can trust. I know Baltimore well and like places like Bicycle/Cork etc... Looking for similar flair tomorrow night or Friday within walking distance of Fells Point. Not against taking a taxi for any new or recent additions to the dining scene. Thanks in advance!


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  1. You have a slew of options. True, in the Admiral Fell Inn, is an organic restaurant. Timothy Dean, a French Bistro (chef trained under Jean-Louis Pallidan at the Watergate and helped to open Pesce). Black Olive and Kali's Court are also very upscale Greek food, probably like nothing else in DC. La Cazuela is a consistently good, mid-priced Ecuadorian Restaurant. Pazo is hip, trendy, and Spanish tapas. Charleston is one of the top three restaurants in Baltimore. Louisiana is an option, although I've not been there for a while so I'm not going to add my comment.

    If you're looking for less formal, there's Peter's Inn and One-Eyed Mikes as well.

    Hope this helps.

    1. All of the above and Henninger's Tavern

      1. +1 for Peter's Inn, and actually Salt would be a quick cab ride.

        -1 for Timothy Dean. My last visit was expensive and mediocre.

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          Forgot Henninger's and Salt. Henninger's is about five blocks from the heart of Fells Point; Salt is about 8. Salt you can walk in probably ten to fifteen minutes tops.

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            Salt would be about a 10 block walk from Thames and Broadway. But be warned that it's uphill all the way from Fells Point to Salt. Salt is at the south end of Butchers Hill, which neighborhood is quite aptly named.

        2. Thanks for everyone's input. Last night we ended up at Pazo and really did have a wonderful time! We will see where tonight leads us!