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Dec 27, 2006 08:10 PM

Suggestions for good OLIVE OIL

I usually use McEvoy olive oil, but am looking for a less expensive one that's good. Any suggestions ? Thx.

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  1. If you can find any, a local producer named Stutz puts out a great group of olive oils. You may have to shop around, or go direct to the makers.

    1. I find that Trader Joe's has a number of good olive oils at excellent prices.

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        The TJ kalamata is my standard cheap olive oil.

      2. I have bought frequently from Katz & Co as well as DaVero, but have been completely won over by O & Co's imported Avienda. They are located at the top of Fillmore next to D&M Liquor.

        They also have an AMAZING Balsamic that rivals some $80 Agro Dolces I've tried.

        1. Have been using DaVero and IMO is worth the price. It is used in Batali's restaurants which made me feel confident about the quality. You can order it online.

          Now with Carrie 218's post I will for sure try some O&Co's products!

          1. When I was in DaVero's store in Healdsburg's Plaza Farms last month, I noticed that it had a new product called,'30-Weight' Utility Oil & Line Lube, that's a blend of its own EVOO and oils from California and Spain. It was developed to have a more economical product for every day home use and for restaurants. Also, you can bring your own container to buy in bulk. Can't remember how much it was, but a considerable savings over the estate DaVero oils. I do remember that it tasted really good and it was something I planned to buy. Bring an empty 750ml wine bottle and cork.