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Dec 27, 2006 08:04 PM

Quick! Need a restaurant for 8 tonight in Oakland/Berkeley

A birthday dinner originally planned for Friday has just been moved to tonight. Our plan was either Pizzaiolo or Dona Tomas, and we've left messages for both, but we need a backup in case they can't give us a reservation for 8 tonight?

What would be a good alternative? Must take reservations and be nice but not super expensive (ideally same price range as Pizzaiolo and Dona T).


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  1. Olivia in Berkeley?

    Oops, I thought you meant 8 pm, not party of 8. I don't think Olivia would be suitable.

    1. Rivoli on Solano Ave. in Berkeley.

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      1. re: oldhat

        La Siciliana in Berkeley (on College Ave) was great - we had a graduation dinner there. Only downside is they only take cash (we had to run to an ATM across the street). The pastas were really tasty and the chef was very friendly.

        1. re: makaroon

          The wait at La Siciliana can be half an hour or more even for a two-top. I wouldn't dream of going there with a big party unless the weather outside was nice and nobody minded waiting.

      2. You can see if Bucci's is open. They are in Emeryville on Hollis. Gotta love Luka's Tap Room but it can be real noisy later on.

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        1. re: Cheesy Oysters

          Bucci's is open and a good backup option. They can usually accommodate larger groups in the back room.

        2. Thanks to all -- turns out Pizzaiolo will be able to accomodate. Thanks for the alternate recommendations; I'll keep them on hand for the future.