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Dec 27, 2006 08:02 PM

Recs for lunch, Japanese near Playa Del Rey

I need recommendations for Japanese restaurants for lunch near Playa Del Rey.

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  1. There is a Japanese restaurant called KAMPAI on Lincoln, on the way to the Airport, between 83 & 84 St., I believe. It is pretty good, but check to see if it is open for lunch.

    1. if downtown culver is not too far from you (maybe 10-15 mins), then go to k-zo.

      1. Irori Sushi in the strip mall on Glencoe is your spot. Inventive, tasty, well presented sushi and cooked dishes (don't miss the japanese springrolls w. ponzu salsa).

        1. Kampai and Irori are both really good (and yes, Kampai is open for lunch).

          If you want to go cheaper, there's Asa-ya on Culver, in a strip mall at Braddock. They have udon, soba, teriyaki, some basic sushi, all quite cheap, but good and satisfying.

          There's also Sakura, on Centinela, south of Washington: general japanese food -- tempura, noodles, katsu, etc.

          1. Thanks for the replies, I will try Irori Sushi.