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Dec 27, 2006 07:54 PM

cross country questions

I'll be traveling from Philadelphia to L.A. via Interstates 70, 44, and 40. Any suggestions near the highway?

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  1. Where are you splitting off from 70 onto 44? St. Louis?

    1. I'm doing this research on behalf of my kids who are making the trip. They're spending the night in St. Louis, near Washington University so I don't know exactly where they will split from 70 to 44. They just left Philly and I'll be calling them with chowhound updates. Thanks for any help.

      1. Looks like your kids will take 70 west to St. Louis, stay near Wash U, and then cut over to 44 from there.

        If they are staying near Wash U, I highly recommend that they go to the Loop. In the loop are plenty of restaurants worth exploring: Thai, sushi, a root beer factory, Ethiopian, Vietnamese, Lebanese, the sleek and trendy Pin-Up Bowl, the monument to Rock-and-Roll called Blueberry Hill, plus some fine dining such as 609 and Brandt's as well as student-priced dining: Crazy Bowls and Wraps. Live music at a number of venues in the Loop as well.

        1. thank you so much - I'll call them with your information.