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i maid cafe

This place has been receiving a lot of attention lately, but, more for the "maid" aspect of course. Has anyone gone to this place? How's the food like? A few friends of mine are wanting to go, and, just in case I get roped into going, I'd like to find solace in food.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. ummmm. so, all the wait staff are dressed as maids?

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      Looks to be that way. It seems to be targeting a subsection of anime fans. I'm only curious about the food.

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        i think it's funny that they have a website that doesn't have a menu posted yet.

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          Goes to show what they're pushing for, eh?
          The menu was up a while ago and it looks to be more like hong kong and taiwanese style snack foods are being served. I don't know why its been taken down.

    2. I don't know anything about this place, but something tells me they aren't that concerned about the food aspect.

      1. I find the whole idea of this place creepy. (Perhaps it's a cultural thing and I just don't get it, but...)

        1. I don't know if it is still there but there was an article in the Toronto Star that said the food was passable, and that these cafes are all the rage in Asia (mostly Japanese cities).

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            Yes, and they greet clients with a "Hello, Master" when they arrive - food might be passable, but not what it's about.

          2. The food, from my experience, is passable but I just stuck with the snack foods (I typically don't get meals from bubble tea places unless they're dirt cheap... because then at least I can say I get what I pay for). I think there was a platter called "Happy Friendship Assortment Platter" or something and that was fine. Onion rings, french fries, calamari and chicken pieces.

            The bubble tea is pretty standard, no real complaints. They only have lychee jelly (or at least that was the case when I went there) but since that's my favourite, that wasn't a problem. :P

            I mean, really, this place is just any other bubble tea place but the generally inept waitresses are in maid outfits this time around. >;P Then again, it's not like you're paying a premium for it so if you're in the area, there's no real reason not to go.

            1. imaid cafe is definately not a place you would go soley for the food. it is a bubble tea place first, before a restaurant, so you would want to come here for that aspect. it targets a younger audience of late night Markham-ers who just want to hang out with friends and drink bbt with cheap, CHEAP, food.
              the food is all taiwanese/hong kong style, so it's a bit different than what we are all used to (e.g.: baked spagetti in cream sauce with spam; fried rice in an omlette with ketchup on the top, porkchop sizzling plate, different fried balls). i think the food is very simple and nothing special. they use ingredients that everyone has in their home. we tried the fried rice in an omlette, that was pretty good, the ketchup really threw me off though just b/c i'm not used to it being paired with fried rice. this dish is huge, they must use like 6 eggs. otherwise the food is nothing special and unremarkable. some may find it bland or, bad. i ordered Pennyworth Noodles (a thick udon like noodle covered in a thick black chunky sauce, that seemed like it was from a jar - $5) and it was Awful. they offer noodles in soup too that range from $3-$6, i tried one with beef brisket and that was OK, worth it for $3.50. this place is very affordable - pretty much everything on the menu is $2-$9. the drink menu is extensive, offering diff bbt's, they have this lover's fruit drink that is bright green, although i doubt it is actually a fruit. tastes interesting in a good way, their other bbt's are all very good.

              i went there recently and they have a Nintendo Wii system set up that you can try out if you want.

              the maids are part of the novelty of this place, but i personally don't pay much attention to them. they are nice but some of them can't really speak/understand english. i asked for a cup of hot water and they bought me a fork and empty glass (??). you have to point out the item in the menu for them to write it down. otherwise, service is good and they are attentive. someone posted above that they greet you with "hello master", they don't do this. the times that i have been there, i have never witnessed this.

              the cafe is on the corner of a condo complex with windows covering both walls. the color scheme is black and white, from the maids, to the checkerboard placemats and floor. if you are nearby i say try it out. you have nothing to lose b.c itis so cheap, however i would def not make a special trip across town for this place.

                1. The food doesn't sound particularly Taiwanese to me (I lived there a couple years ago), especially the baked spaghetti in cream sauce with spam. Ick! Of course, I was somewhat limited by my language skills, but still. I did have some really great fried ball type things, especially squid in dough that's available at night markets, although this place doesn't strike me as the type to recreate any semblance of that.

                  It really doesn't sound like this would be the place to try a taste of Hong Kong or Taiwan. Stick to the drinks.

                  - Lea

                  1. I recently went here and had the bubble tea and it was horrible. they didn't even have half the items on the menu...i wouldn't go back here ever again!

                    1. Yeah, I was there last night with my girlfriend and a buddy. It's true, they didn't have two out of the three things we ordered. They also had no tapioca. What we got was just horrible, we couldn't finish it. We weren't even sure if it's what we ordered. The taste was unrecognizable.

                      At one point, we were the only people there, and this is on a thursday night around 10:30-11 when a lot of people would be out. Only one maid girl, and another girl who wasn't dressed as one and looked like she didn't care.

                      After a little while, a couple of pervs came in, but still the place was empty aside from us. I can't imagine this place staying in business long. All in all, a really crappy place. If they can't serve good bubble tea or food, they should atleast focus on the girls. But their attitudes will just annoy you and make you wanna leave. My advice to you pervy guys, go to hooters or a rippers instead. You'll just be annoyed if you go imaid cafe.