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Dec 27, 2006 07:39 PM

Early Girl Eatery in Weaverville

I heard that whoever operates the Early Girl Eatery is involved in a new venture in a strip right outside downtown Weaverville. Anyone have anything on this?

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  1. I've heard it's going to be co-owned by Early Girl Eatery and Laughing Seed people. I don't know what the name of the restaurant is. It's going to be near Ace Hardware off that main Weaverville exit. I think it's supposed to open this week or next (around Jan 1.) That's about it.

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      Thanks for the information. You are a Great American!

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        I have tried Early Girl Eatery a couple of times (12/24/06 and 1/28/07) for brunch and both times have been disappointed. Service is slow and disorganized.

        Yesterday, the host/greeter was rude and overlooked guests waiting in the "cold" weather outside for their table. When those guests (with young children) stepped inside a few minutes later to check on their table, the hostess told them you were not "here" when I called your name, and made them wait again!

        More important, I find that the Early Girl brunch portions are way too small for me - I'm a muscular 190lb 6'2" guy with a hearty appetite. Maybe this is why it is called "Early Girl Eatery" - since portions are best suited for appetites of petite women.

        I'd appreciate any suggestions on a great place for brunch in Asheville, NC? Looking for freshly prepared items and decent sized portions.


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          I have always had a good brunch experience at The Corner kitchen in biltmore village. Also the new Cafe Azalea is good as well...(separate thread on this cafe)

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              it is in east asheville, in a new shopping center across the street from Pomodoro's. look for the review I did of this cafe in a separate thread.

      2. Wow, I guess this is in the former Arm Chair Quarterback spot that didn't make it? Good news for us up here in N. Asheville!

        1. i believe it's to be something along the slow food lines. don't know the exact location, but, yes, it will be north asheville/south weaverville.

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          1. hmm, definitely the right demographics up here to support a new restaurant. As it is I think most are going to Stoney Knob, Savoy or downtown to eat out.

            1. The slow food movement started in Europe, I believe in either Italy or France and emphasizes locally and regionally grown foods and raised meats, eating meals together, cooking meals and experiencing food rather than eating quickly - "fast food"