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Early Girl Eatery in Weaverville

I heard that whoever operates the Early Girl Eatery is involved in a new venture in a strip right outside downtown Weaverville. Anyone have anything on this?

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  1. I've heard it's going to be co-owned by Early Girl Eatery and Laughing Seed people. I don't know what the name of the restaurant is. It's going to be near Ace Hardware off that main Weaverville exit. I think it's supposed to open this week or next (around Jan 1.) That's about it.

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      Thanks for the information. You are a Great American!

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        I have tried Early Girl Eatery a couple of times (12/24/06 and 1/28/07) for brunch and both times have been disappointed. Service is slow and disorganized.

        Yesterday, the host/greeter was rude and overlooked guests waiting in the "cold" weather outside for their table. When those guests (with young children) stepped inside a few minutes later to check on their table, the hostess told them you were not "here" when I called your name, and made them wait again!

        More important, I find that the Early Girl brunch portions are way too small for me - I'm a muscular 190lb 6'2" guy with a hearty appetite. Maybe this is why it is called "Early Girl Eatery" - since portions are best suited for appetites of petite women.

        I'd appreciate any suggestions on a great place for brunch in Asheville, NC? Looking for freshly prepared items and decent sized portions.


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          I have always had a good brunch experience at The Corner kitchen in biltmore village. Also the new Cafe Azalea is good as well...(separate thread on this cafe)

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              it is in east asheville, in a new shopping center across the street from Pomodoro's. look for the review I did of this cafe in a separate thread.

      2. Wow, I guess this is in the former Arm Chair Quarterback spot that didn't make it? Good news for us up here in N. Asheville!

        1. i believe it's to be something along the slow food lines. don't know the exact location, but, yes, it will be north asheville/south weaverville.

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          1. hmm, definitely the right demographics up here to support a new restaurant. As it is I think most are going to Stoney Knob, Savoy or downtown to eat out.

            1. The slow food movement started in Europe, I believe in either Italy or France and emphasizes locally and regionally grown foods and raised meats, eating meals together, cooking meals and experiencing food rather than eating quickly - "fast food"

              1. Had to pick up a few groceries today and noticed that the new Weaverville restaurant is now open and is named North Star Diner.

                1. is it really open or just hiring? We drove by last night after 5:30pm and the lights were on by no one was in there and all the chairs were up on the tables. I think they are still hiring - though their banner says "open" but no signs on the doors and no menu posted.

                  1. The had an "open" sign on before I headed into the grocery store and were turning it off when I drove by (around 3:00?). There were a couple of tables of people in there eating, so looks like they're open. Maybe just open for lunch now?

                    1. Stoney Knob? When I grew up there it was a greasy spoon. What is on the menu these days. BTW there was a time, not that long ago. that most of you posting would have been run out of town ;-)

                      1. stoney knob is operated now but the sons of the original owners and features Mediterranean cusine (GreeK and Italian) they do a great job.

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                          a friend and i stopped by stoney knob for dinner last week and it was really good. i had gorgonzola encrusted filet medium rare ... greek salad to start. steak was great but salad was served chilled ... i think all salads should be served fresh from a head of healthy lettuce and at room attempt. dressings should be freshly prepared to order.
                          two glasses of malbec - very good. my friend had veal marsala which was excellent. he had a pinot noir - my malbec was better.

                        2. We went for dinner last night and here are my observations:
                          1. the space is very cavernous - they would do well to add some artwork to the walls, fabric draped along the exposed ceilings/pipes.
                          2. It was packed - lots of families, couples...so this added to the noise factor, though service was fairly prompt and very courteous.
                          3. Menu is pretty large...sandwiches, salads, pasta, "meat and 2" type plates...breakfast items on the menu - we should have asked but it seemed like they were available all day.
                          4. food was good but not stellar - it reminds me of Early Girl Eatery - which I have always felt was just ok. It is aptly named North Star DINER as there is nothing to be said for ambiance or presentation of food.
                          5. Various vegetarian options..tofu featuring prominently.
                          6. I would almost say their menu is too large, they must have had about 12 sandwiches, 6 different salads, 6 different "meat and 2" options with about 10 sides to choose from, 5 pasta dishes, not to mention the breakfast items and kids items....
                          7. Relatively inexpensive...1 soup and sandwich, 1 pasta entree, 1 "meat and 2", and 1 glasse of wine and 1 beer was right at about $50 before tip so this makes it affordable for families.
                          8. Modest wine and beer selection but good options - but in keeping w/ the style of the restaurant

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                            What about dessert? <insert inane sideways smiley here>

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                              we were in the mood for dessert and eagerly awaited hearing the selection - but weren't too impressed - even the 9 yr old who usually opts for something said he'd rather go home and eat a popsicle...I think there was a deep dish apple pie, a bread pudding with chocolate sauce, brownie, chocolate chip cookie and a vegan chocolate mousse pie something.

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                                As someone who actually likes The Early Girl I must also confess I've never been impressed with their desserts...though there was that ONE perfect piece of yellow cake with chocolate icing a couple of years ago...(Have had it there since, and it now tastes like something from Pepperidge Farm).