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Dec 27, 2006 07:38 PM

Rent a wine cellar in Manhattan (moved from Wine board)

Does anyone know of places where you can rent storage space in a wine cellar? Space is a premium in my apartment and I quickly outgrew my 17 bottle wine cellar. I remember awhile back a wine store in the Chelsea Market Place offered this service, but I'm looking for any other locations in Manhattan for this or reviews of any you have used.

Thanks in advance for your advice

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    1. we use chelsea wine storage in the chelsea wine vault - Excellent and affordable. It's been about 6 years for us.

      1. I have heard good things about the Wine Cellarage, seems like a professionally run outfit, they store Christie's wine collections:

        1. I know that your post indicated "Manhattan", but you might want to check out with storage in the Bronx.
          I've store my wine with winecellarage for the past 6 years. They have pickup and delivery services to Manhattan.

          1. Might also want to check out Manhattan Wine Company. Their facility is out in Jersey, but they deliver into the city every day and rates are pretty competitive.