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Dec 27, 2006 07:38 PM

East Providence: Warren Ave Chinese restaurant??

a friend of mine has been telling me i have to try the sticky wings at a certain east side chinese restaurant.

problem is, i cant find the place. i think its on/around warren ave and may be called "hung me", most likely a different spelling however.

anyone know of a place that fits this description? apparently these wings are amazing.....

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  1. I believe that you are looking for Hong Meas. 332 Warren Avenue 401-438-5227 (in a strip mall at the intersection of Broadway.) I haven't actually eaten there, but it is mostly vietnamese, thai, and cambodian food. Report back when you go!

    1. Expanding on this just a bit: where can one find as authentic Chinese cuisine as possible around Providence/RI?
      or alternatively... where is the best Chinese restaurant or buffet around Prov./RI? thanks :-)

      1. Ooops Never mind. I just searched the board and found some inspiring answers! Thanks 'Garris':-)

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        1. re: madgee

          No problem :-).

          To summarize for those interested, the most authentic Chinese spots in the area in my experience are (in no particular order):

          * = Has dim sum

          - MuMu: Federal Hill, Providence
          - Red Ginger: Johnston
          - Lucky Garden * : North Providence
          - Iron Wok: Seekonk, MA
          - Golden Chopsticks * : Westerly, RI

          I haven't tried Hong Meas yet. Let us know how it is!

          - Garris
          Providence, RI