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Dec 27, 2006 07:30 PM

(toronto) john and richmond area (no doubt an oft asked question)

okay, my partner and i have decided on an impromptu escape by going to a 5pm movie then out for dinner. we're going to the paramount at john and richmond.

there are a million restaurants around there, but i'm wondering what's good.

we're looking for a modest budget, something like peter pan would be the top end of what we're looking at for tonight, and really we're looking for less expensive than that.

pretty flexible on other stuff too, i'd be into cosy and dark, but am not married to the idea. type of food is pretty flexible, i'm not good with things that are too hot, but i can usually get around that. oh, wait, there is one tricky thing, he's a vegetarian and i don't eat fish (but i do happily eat cow...)

anyway, i don't know if anyone will respond before we go, but i thought it was worth a shot. *grin*

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  1. For cozy and dark plus good selection of food yummy choices at reasonable prices I'd suggest the Queen Mother Cafe.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Given what you're looking for, I'd second the Queen Mum, or it's (slightly closer to the Paramount) sister, the Rivoli.

        Both are cozy and dark, and neither try too hard in that annoying Toronto way.

        Both should have some reasonable vegetarian options. And cow.

        Chez Victor is price-y-er than what you're seeking.

        1. whenever I am forced to go to that Paramount I barter with a visit to the Queen Mother, makes it all worthwhile.

          Or, if you're really slumming it, Burrito Boyz is right there.

          1. i didn't get to check back here before i left, so we ended up heading to thai princess, which is a place we like lots. so, it wasn't a new experience, but still a good one.