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Dec 27, 2006 07:29 PM

How is Carve?

Have read both good and bad reviews and was wondering what Chowhounds thought of this place for a quick Sat. night bite to eat before theater. Location is great. We are going to the Biltmore Theater which is half block away on 47th Street and one person is on a budget. Other recs are welcome too, but please remember one person is on a budget so prices need to be moderate. Thanks.

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  1. Eh. It's fine. Nothing amazing, nothing terrible. If you're in a bind, it'll do.



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    1. re: Nosher

      Not in a bind except for two limitations (1) moderate prices and (2) within a few blocks from 47th Street would be fine. We can spend more time if a restaurant is recommended, time is not one of the constraints. What do you suggest as an alternative? Thanks.

    2. walk the extra block to 9th avenue - dozens of very good and budget friendly options (thai, sandwiches, chinese, greek, burgers, the list goes on and on . . .)

      1. Which greek restaurant were you referring to?

        1. Uncle Nick's - nothing groundbreaking, but good and consistent Greek (I generally enjoy the seafood, plus standards like Moussaka, various dips, Gyro, etc).

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          1. re: adam

            Could you please give me some good suggestions on 9th Ave near 47th St. We can't go all the way to Uncle Nicks, it's bet. 50th and 51st and one person in our party has difficulty walking. That would be too far for her.

          2. Chelsea Grill is pretty good for Burgers and comfort-bar food (btwn 46th and 47th), Orchid for good (not great, but very good I think) Caribbean on that same block, Pam Real Thai on 47th just west of 9th for some of the better Thai in the area. Depending on mobility, you can walk a block or two in any direction on 9th and find quite a bit. One interesting choice might be the newish Cheese place that has a small cafe menu including fondues and cheese plates with some tables in the back.