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Dec 27, 2006 07:25 PM

New tuna at Costco

I noticed a new Chicken of the Sea solid light tuna in olive oil, Tonno Genova at my local Costco. 8 6-ounce cnas for $9.99. Has anyone tried this yet?

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  1. Im confused by your post - Tonno Genova is a very good italian brand, so if its this, and not Chicken of the Sea it should be an excellent buy.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      I second this one. It's about time Costco started selling canned Italian tuna, which is SO superior to anything we have here in the US.

      Stock up. You'll never buy Chicken Of The Sea again. Tonno Genova is just wonderful, and I'll be right behind you, buying a good supply.

      Check out the Pan Bagnat recipe at We use Italian tuna out of the can for that one, and it's so, so good.

    2. jen_kalb:

      C of the S has a Genovo Tonna variety of canned tuna. here's a link to the nutrition label:

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      1. re: MaspethMaven

        wow - I stand corrected. Its pretty good stuff anyway. The website says its yellowfin.

        I had some awful chick of the sea "chunk light" from Costco last year - it was just shreds and mush rather than chunks. I DO NOT recommend that, at this point.

        1. re: jen kalb

          Always solid tuna in oil. Solid tuna is older fish and needs oil. Never water. I have only bought solid in oil and am *so* happy there is a less expensive one available.

      2. It's decent, not as good as other imported brands.

        1. I finally bought this tuna. Tremendous flavor compared with the albacore, water packed tuna I've been eating for over 10 years. The albacore tuna is also like a sponge with mayonnaise. This tuna, after draining excess oil, only takes 2 tablespoons, maximum to make a nice tuna salad.

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          1. re: elise h

            This is my favorite Tuna, and I live in LA. Which Costco did you find it in? I asked at my local one and they've never heard of it. Genova Tuna is available at Gelson's but is over 2.00 per can. I'd love to find a less expensive option. My Trader Joe's doesn't carry it either, though they do in Minneapolis and NY. Carol S

          2. At my costco, I found 4 can to a pack tonno tuna's for $5. Tuna is excellent. My first time eating this type of tuna. I bought it on this thread's recommendation and I am not dissapointed.

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            1. re: Soup

              This is the same tuna that goes into other (i.e. water pack) C of S canned tuna...