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Dec 27, 2006 07:12 PM

Ba Xuyen

Just wanted to note that I had a phenomenal #1 (Classic) bahn mi sandwich today for lunch at Ba Xuyen. Thanks to Chowhound for the recommendation. It is well worth the trip and they are tremendously friendly there. I also had two of the small, pork/cabbage spring rolls that you grab with tongs from a hotbox (pretty tasty) and the intriguing pickled lemonade (probably wouldn't get this again--it is incredibly tart). I was impressed with the size of the sandwich and the baguette, which was perfectly crispy/chewy. I just wish I lived closer.

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  1. next time try #8, the BBq pork - its also great.
    glad you liked it.

    I made the pickled lemon mistake once too - their regular lemonade and their iced coffee is terrific.

    1. People on the Manhattan board were just remarking that nothing there is as good as Ba Xuyen

      1. I'm quite fond of the meatball sandwich or the grilled pork (very lemongrassy) as an alternative to #1
        but #1 is still my favorite

        the coconut custard sweet, and the spring and summer rolls are all very yum too . . .

        1. The chicken (#6) is my favorite.

          1. I'd love to choose a favorite, too. Alas, I don't know where this treasure is! Address, please?

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              google is your friend . . .
              but since it's the holidays, here you go:
              Ba Xuyen is located at 4222 8th Avenue (8th btw 42nd and 43rd st.)
              Sunset Park, Brooklyn