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Ba Xuyen

Just wanted to note that I had a phenomenal #1 (Classic) bahn mi sandwich today for lunch at Ba Xuyen. Thanks to Chowhound for the recommendation. It is well worth the trip and they are tremendously friendly there. I also had two of the small, pork/cabbage spring rolls that you grab with tongs from a hotbox (pretty tasty) and the intriguing pickled lemonade (probably wouldn't get this again--it is incredibly tart). I was impressed with the size of the sandwich and the baguette, which was perfectly crispy/chewy. I just wish I lived closer.

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  1. next time try #8, the BBq pork - its also great.
    glad you liked it.

    I made the pickled lemon mistake once too - their regular lemonade and their iced coffee is terrific.

    1. People on the Manhattan board were just remarking that nothing there is as good as Ba Xuyen


      1. I'm quite fond of the meatball sandwich or the grilled pork (very lemongrassy) as an alternative to #1
        but #1 is still my favorite

        the coconut custard sweet, and the spring and summer rolls are all very yum too . . .

        1. The chicken (#6) is my favorite.

          1. I'd love to choose a favorite, too. Alas, I don't know where this treasure is! Address, please?

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              google is your friend . . .
              but since it's the holidays, here you go:
              Ba Xuyen is located at 4222 8th Avenue (8th btw 42nd and 43rd st.)
              Sunset Park, Brooklyn

            2. Went there today for the first time. I had the #1 classic and the fresh lemonade. Thought the sandwich was huge and the bread and meat were great. Just wish the vegetables were a little more pickled. All in all, a great sandwich, but I may still give the one on Broome Street a slight edge (haven't tried the one on Mott).

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                The bahn mi dac biet and bahn mi ga at the place on Mott(saigon bakery, in the back of the jewelry store) are fantastic. They have the best barbecued pork in the city. But Ba Xuyen is my local favorite. And the people there are incredibly nice.

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                  I prefer Ba Xuyen by leaps and bounds over the Broome St place. Even the bread is a zillion times better.

                2. Sounds yummy...
                  Where is it located, please?

                  1. Ahhh... In my greedy haste, I didn't look far enough back on the board.
                    I see the address has already been posted.
                    Mea Culpa...

                    1. Wanted to let everyone know that Ba Xuyen recently changed their hours to: 7:30am to 6:30pm. They used to close at 8pm. I was lucky on my last visit to arrive on the stroke of 6:30, and they were nice enough to crank out a scrumptious #1 for me.

                      1. Also love their chicken sandwich ever since they were back in the old place on 7th Ave.

                        1. I was at Ba Xuyen today -- they are going to be closed next weekend
                          Feb 17 & 18, 2007
                          for New Year's

                          1. We stopped by Ba Xuyen for my monthly bahn mi fix on Saturday. I'd fallen into the rut of always ordering the shredded pork version and this time around I thought, what the hell, lets take a walk on the wild side. We both ordered the BBQ pork. Why did I wait so long to order this? This is a great sandwich - the taste of the pork was a mixture of sweet and spicy. They also use a mild peanut sauce which gives it an almost sate-like quality.

                            They've raised their prices slightly since I was last there but it's still a silly bargain at $3.75. Perhaps to compensate the amount of pork on the sandwich was fairly generous by bahn mi standards. Better still, they're using better bread. In the past the baguette was merely serviceable. The crust was quite brittle and it shattered into a million crumbs as you took your first bite. This time around the bread is considerably better. While they still toast it the crust now holds together and the baguette is much more flavorful.

                            The Red Hook ballfields open this Saturday and I expect the lines to be insane. I'm going to skip the zoo and head back to Ba Xuyen for another one of those sandwiches.

                            Ba Xuyen
                            4222 Eighth Avenue (at 42nd St.)

                            Edit - My GF has reminded me that there were chopped peanuts on the bahn mi and not actual peanut sauce. It's still a great sandwich.

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                              This remains my standard in NYC for Bahn Mi. Interesting what you write about the bread - it's always, for me, been one of the things that distinguishes Ba Xuyen. I've always found it fresher, crisper, more baguette-like than what is served up at other venues. Interested to go back to try what they're serving now.

                              And, yeah, the BBQ pork is one of my favorites here. I also dig the sardine. If you haven't yet, give it a whirl, knock it back with a jackfruit shake (or, better yet, a durian) and take no prisoners.