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Tacos Por Favor

For anyone looking for a mission style burrito, definitely check out Tacos Por Favor in Santa Monica. You have to order the cheese, crema, and guac separately, and you have to ask them specifically to wrap it in foil if you're staying. But the net result was very reminiscent of the famed silver torpedo.

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  1. We love Tacos por Favor! My favorites are the carne asada soft tacos and many of the enchiladas. What is is the mission style burrito?

    1. tacos por favor is amazing. i'd recommend the torta's, especially the milanese or carne asada torta. great food for a great price.

      1. The tortas are excellent!!

        1. Indeed, Tacos Por Favor is excellent. Several menu items stand out:

          Chorizo & cheese tacos- absolutely decadent, yet not super greasy.
          Chicken Mole Plate or Burrito - I find their mole to be some of the best I've had anywhere, regardless of price.
          Carnitas are usually very good. Moist with a bit of crispy on the outer parts.
          Also, their salsa roja at the salsa bar is outstanding - it packs quite a kick and is deliciously complex. The salsa verde is also good.


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            I second the enthusiasm for the salsa roja, truly one of the best. I would love to try more of their menu items, but I just can't seem to get past the chorizo and cheese tacos.

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              Yes, the chorizo & cheese tacos are outstanding, but don't let your love for them get in the way of trying some of the other excellent menu choices. You can always order one chorizo taco so you'll have room to try something new. I forgot to mention the sopes & tostadas are also very good.

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                I frequently get the sopes, when fresh they are very very good!

          2. I first went to Tacos Por Favor on Bandini's recommendation for the chorizo and cheese, but it was a bit too rich and cloying for me. But the al pastor and the carnitas are fine, and that salsa roja is indeed excellent. (I can understand why they use those tiny thimble-size cups at the salsa bar.) Friendly service, too, even for those of us who speak no Spanish beyond "no frijoles, por favor."

            1. A must try. The guacamole is served straight from heaven.

              1. Thanks for the rec. Tried it for the first time today. Living in the San Fernando Valley, I grew up on Henrys, Taco Bell, Del Taco, Jack In The Box, etc. Tacos Por Favor - please come to the Valley. For the first round, I ordered 3 soft tacos( carne asada, carnitas, and chorizo/cheese) and 1 hard shell taco (chorizo/cheese). Yes, I love chorizo and Tacos Por Favor does not disappoint. This wasn't ground up chorizo, but small crispy chunks. Never tasted anything like it, and I mean that in a good way. For my second round, I ordered 3 soft tacos(chicken, al pastor, and chorizo/cheese) and 1 hard shell(carne asada). The soft tacos come with onions, cilantro, and salsa and run $2.05 each. The hard taco comes with cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacomole and run $2.70 each. I liked them better without the sour cream. I washed it all down with a strawberry soda. It's all good, but the chorizo/cheese tacos make it a destination spot.
                Thanks a and w and all you chowhounds who recommended this place.

                Tacos Por Favor
                1408 Olympic Blvd.
                Santa Monica, CA

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                  Great minds think alike - I tried the chorizo and cheese for the first time Thursday also, and wow! I recently moved west from Highland Park, and had been to TPF a couple times and been a bit underwhelmed - but not anymore. I've also tried the carnitas, chicken, pastor, and asada, which are all quite good but a bit short of my eastside standard. You're right - it's the chorizo and cheese that make TPF worth seeking out, even if you're not usually in the area.

                  1. re: Vaya Con Carne

                    Yeah, the chorizo and cheese is just insanely good. Another recent discovery is the enchiladas verde. I've tried both the cheese and the chicken versions, which are both excellent. The chicken comes in chunks, rather than shredded, which is a nice change.

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                    Hey Salsaqueen,

                    What are you Valley recommendations? We have moved from Santa Monica to the valley and left our beloved Tacos por Favor far behind.