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Best Pork Chops

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I want to take my husband out for his favorite food- pork chops. Where in the NYC/tri-state area are the best?

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  1. Can't think of anyplace specific, but look for places that serve "Berkshire" pork chops. I've had them twice in the past year (both outside NYC) and they're a taste sensation.

      1. May Wah Fast Food
        190 Hester St Ste 1
        New York, NY 10013-4774
        (212) 925-6428

        1. Little Owl of course. most famous pork chop in the city...and for good reason.

          1. have to agree with the little owl. it was the most amazing pork chop i've ever tasted.
            BIG, juicy, flavorful. perfect. nice sides too!

            1. 2 Toms on Union St and 3 ave in Brooklyn.

              1. May Wah on Hester St. Hurry and try it as they will be shutting down soon.

                1. does anyone know when it is scheduled to close? i need to definitely get my fix before that happens

                  1. closing chinese new years, Feb 17. :(