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Best Pork Chops

I want to take my husband out for his favorite food- pork chops. Where in the NYC/tri-state area are the best?

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    1. If he likes them Latin style, Cafe Con Leche's are super yummy.

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        Is Latin style fried?- that's what he is craving for.

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          Theirs looks to be a Chuletas con Mojo [under Cerdo] ... they're typically fried.
          (Call to be sure, and you need to like garlic, Ajo).

          Take a look ---> http://www.cafeconlechenyc.com/ccl/cc...

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          Also, Flor de Mayo's chuleta frita with tostones.

          1. May Wah Fast Food
            190 Hester St
            New York, NY 10013-4774
            (212) 925-6428

            1. What About 2 tom's in Brooklyn

              1. I had a one I'm still dreaming about at Queen's Hideaway in Greenpoint. They change their menu daily based on what looks good at the greenmarket, so maybe best to call in advance: 222 Franklin St., Brooklyn, NY 11222 near Green St. 718-383-2355. They also make the best buttermilk drop-biscuits I've EVER HAD. The service has gotten better (used to be really leisurely and cliquey- you felt like you were intruding on their private dinner party with their friends), and they have a great selection of wines too.

                  1. Good, dirt cheap, puerto rican deep fried pork chops can be had at Casa Adela (aside from really yummy rotisserie chicken) on ave. C bet. 4th and 5th St. they close early though around 8pm.

                    1. A great "hole in the wall" place is the Excellent Pork Chop House (3 Doyers St, Chinatown) for some Taiwanese style cooking. The pork chops are fried and served over rice.

                      1. Ouest serves an excellent double cut chop