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Dec 27, 2006 06:46 PM

Tapas-type food, not too noisy?

Looking to go for a birthday dinner with my mom. We both love small plates (need not be spanish, though spanish tapas are great), but most tapas places I've been to have you almost sitting on the person next to you, hard to hear each other, which isn't really my mom's scene. Any recommendations for places that don't fit that mold?


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  1. i've heard alta's is outstanding but, since i haven't been, i can't comment on seating. i LOVE otto which serves small dishes as well. the food is amazing. it's a very busy place but i didn't find it especially loud and cluttered.

    1. Solera may fit the bill. They serve tapas in the tight quarters of the bar area up front, but also serve Tapas in the quiet dining room as well.

      I brought my parents here a few months ago and they had a nice time.

      Nothing FABULOUS, but average.

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        I agree about Solera, if you sit in the dining room you will have plenty of elbow room. You won't rush back for the food but it is okay. I also love the rec for Otto if you want Italian. If your mom has not been there yet, she would probably enjoy it. I was recently there with a large group on a busy Saturday night and we had no problems with noise.

      2. I think ALTA is a great choice. Very creative and delicious small plates and in a room big enough to not be on top of other diners. In fact if you go on the early side, it can be downright peaceful in there.

          1. You could try Urena. They have tapas in addition to their regular entrees.