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Dec 27, 2006 06:24 PM

mofongo in ft. lauderdale and sushi on the intracoastal

I'm wondering if there's anywhere to get mofongo and other puerto rican/cuban cuisine in Ft. Lauderdale? Fell in love with mofongo on a trip to PR last year and wouldn't rule out a boat ride to Miami if the place recommended was really sensational.

I did my due diligence searching before posting and I realize that people don't have much to recommend on the intracoastal -- even so, thought I would double-check if anyone could recommend sushi, or anything else fresh and light, on the intracoastal. We are in Ft.L for the weekend before a cruise and our big dining out experience will be Eduardo de San Angel on Sat. night. Otherwise, we're looking for things we can't get at home or a great dining atmosphere, but won't shell out the big bucks. We might check out Bahia Cabana since it's near our hotel, can anyone recommend?

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  1. i had a delicious dish of brined, roasted pork with mofongo at the boulevard bistro in hollywood. address is 1926 hollywood boulevard, 954-272-6836. It was a special to celebrate new years, so call ahead.