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Dec 27, 2006 05:56 PM

Zazil at Westfield

Being from Los Angeles, I cringed a bit when my SF bud suggested Zazil Veracruz Mexican food for dinner. What I got back was one of the best Mexican meals I've ever had. We were a party of five and had:

sangria--it is what it is, but this was fruity and not so sweet.
virgin mojito--this was delicious and refreshing with mint leaves and fresh lime.

guacomole-very tasty despite the theatrics of preparing it tableside. Fresh and served on a metate(stone dish)
crab-stuffed tamal--the star of the appetizers. The masa was dense and tight and the right amount of stuffing made this a salivating experience.
queso-I'm not a cheese person, but the lone Mexican in our party praised its smoothness.

Salmon wrapped with portebello carpaccio--amazing dish: the inside was tender and still baking as my wife cut into it. The fresh mash potatoes was silky smooth and the mole was chocolaty smoky.
Cochinita pibil--The pork was wrapped in a banana leaf and was moist, tender, and flavorful
Enchiladas--even this managed to be terrific, although it was the dense and smooth sauce that made this dish.
Seafood hotpot--a lobster tail was simmered in a delicious tomatoey broth.

Queso cake with a raspberry sauce--one of the best Mexican desserts I've ever had. It had the texture of a light slightly moist cake with an absolutely addictive seeded raspberry sauce.

This restaurant rivaled Babita and bested Serenata de Garibaldi in Los Angeles. Zazil isn't cheap--bill was about $250 w/tt, but was worth every penny. I'll be looking forward finally to a worthy Mexican restaurant in the Bay area!

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  1. Wow, sounds good, I'm just surprised because initial reports weren't good at all. Maybe they've found their groove now that they've been open for a while? Anyone else been there more recently? It would be nice if this place turns out to be good, considering my girlfriend works in the Westfield, and the Mexican place in the food court is crap.

    1. You didn't comment on the service. Was that as absolutely super fantastic as the food?

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        The service was above average. The dishes were paced well and our waiter made good recommendations on the virgin mojito and the dessert. We ordered several appetizers and entrees so we didn't need his help there, but he was very pleasant, unobtrusive, and answered our questions well. I noticed previous posts had lunches of fish tacos and margaritas. I would suggest taking a larger party to sample their varied dishes. I should add that I did go in with extremely low expectations, so my take may be a little slanted, but I was thoroughly impressed.

      2. At dinner last night the waiter told me that the restaurant would be closing today, something related to loan issues. Zazil had been a fairly reliable place to stop before going to see a movie in the cinema upstairs.


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          Oh no! That makes me really sad, my husband and I held our wedding there this summer.