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Pre-Parenting Restaurant Recs!

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I'm going to have a baby in early May. My hubby and I decided as a holiday present to each other to go to at least one non-kid friendly nice restaurant a month before then. So that gives us four dinners at least. So, I'm looking for your recommendations for last hurrah restos or particular meals. Remember that I am not drinking, and am not supposed to eat much in the raw meat, unpasteurized cheese, or large mercury-laden fish realm. . . I eat most cuisines and tend to not be super fond of organ meat. Thanks!

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  1. Some that come immediately to my mind are Sorellina, Mistral, No. 9 Park, Davio's, Rendezvous, Hammersley's Bistro, Union, Prezza. For some less expensive: Franklin, Silvertone, Eastern Standard, Toro.

      1. You should go more often than once a month, whatever the cost. Trust me. =)

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          I know, I feel like I'm asking about recommendations for my last supper, lol

        2. My best friend and his wife just had their first child (on Christmas Eve). He told me they wanted a gift certificate to a great restaurant for a Christmas present, and she added, "just make sure it has a REALLY long expiration date."

          I think you're smart getting in some good eats before the big day.

          1. A funny story when my husband and I did something similar. One night when I was showing A LOT we went to Blue Ginger. The hostess seated us in one of the banquets on the right next to another couple who were also clearly expecting. We laughed at the coincidence until a four top was filled next to us with, you guessed it, two couples, both of whom looked like they were ready to deliver at any moment! Suburban inevitability or gourmet discrimination who knows - but made for an amusing evening (except I'm sure for the poor waiter who had us all and who certainly didn't make alot given the lack of alcohol!).

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              If you were all coincidently dining at the same time and your tables were all in a row the probable explanation is they needed all the tables to open around the same time so the tables could be put together for a large party later.
              As a waiter for many years I can tell you from first hand experience that seating is never based on appearance and always based on the need of the table for the next reservation or to balance seating between various servers stations.
              Best of luck with your new family!

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                Were that this was the case but the four top was seated almost an hour after we were. I doubt that it was discrminatory but it certainly was funny!

            2. We just joined the club and tried to get out very often in the months leading up to the big day, including some feast-filled weekends in Montreal and New York.

              Locally - some good choices were -

              Craigie St. Bistro
              Neptune Oyster (lots of options besides the raw guys)
              Carmen (No. End)
              The final nights leading up to the big day included Rendezvous (fantastic all around), East Coast Grill (a frequent stop in general) and some Wings of Mass Destruction, and Kebab Factory. Vindaloo there was good but "fiery" was disappointing in heat factor from the night before.

              Big question for the parents on the board - where would your first dinner out be after a few weeks in the cocoon?


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                Go early some night with the babe to Toro. We've taken our little one there and we got great seats up front, and lovely service from the staff.

              2. If we still lived in the Boston area and had a night out without the child, I think we'd go to Laurel's just because it would be a bit nostaglic. (It was a frequent after-work dinner spot for us back in the day.) And we'd eat at the bar just because we could!

                And we'd also go to Rabia's in the North End.

                1. We're in the same boat (though I've got an extra 2 months). I'd be sure to hit Clio, Oleana, and Sage. We also had a nice dinner at Neptune Oyster the other night, but it was hard to watch my husband eating oysters.

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                    We tried Neptune on xmas eve to satisfy a fried oyster craving I had, but when we got there they were in between the bar menu and a feast of seven fishes. Who'd guess that would be something to complain about? lol

                  2. When our kids were infants we loved to go to East Coast Grill. The buzz of the place lulled them to sleep and when they weren't sleeping, the sparkly lights and colors kept them entertained.

                    1. Our last pre-child meal was at Oleana, and one of our recent date nights was at Rendezvous. I just had a lunch at OM and think that is a totally non-kid atmosphere, should the menu appeal to you.

                      1. Last year I was in the same boat and we tried to get out as many places as we could, but had to be kind of selective to make sure there was something I could eat on the menu. Some of the places we went were Rendezvous, Blue Room, Hammersley's, Clio, and Taranta. Those are the only ones I can think of off-hand, but I'm sure there were others. Also we tried to hit any places that tend to be cramped and generally baby-unfriendly, especially breakfast places. Trust me, you'll miss those places. Even though an infant is very small they come with a lot of stuff (and you have to have a place to put them while you eat!). Sitting at the bar is no longer an option.

                        My husband and I made the same kind of pact you did, and I only wish that we had gone out even more often. Enjoy your last hurrahs!

                        1. I was going to suggest you go for one night you'll really remember at the Spinazzola Gala http://www.spinazzola.org/NewFiles/Ev... but whew- $175 a ticket would definitely give me pause. I've been to it pregnant and you have to pass up a lot of tasty stuff but there's still plenty to make it a great night, if that's in your budget.

                          1. The resto suggestions above cover my suggestions, but I will add to the posters who say try for more than once a week.

                            As my youngest is now 18 and drives (it's not so bad guys) the incredible freedom DW and I have on weekends is remarkable. No more looking at the watch, no more "gotta get the sitter home" on and on. Please take advantage of this time and go as often as you stomach and pocketbook can handle.

                            In three months we expect to see a post titled "best take out places in boston for new parents"

                            Healthy and Happy