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Dec 27, 2006 05:04 PM

back! ate my way through TO...thanks chowhounds!

we were in toronto for christmas weekend...had some fantastic meals. thank you for all your recommendations. my husband was very impressed with the chowhound picks!

Day 1

Lunch - Little India on Queen st. west - loved it. service was very friendly, delish butter chicken. my husband was so impressed he told me he wanted to go back the next day

Dinner - Blowfish - Really enjoyed the vibe and ambience. good sake. the crunchy spicy tuna was my favorite. pricey, 3 people = $215.00

more drinks - village idiot- my sister lives close to here. Very nice barternder, fun dive pub

Day 2
Lunch - Little India, again. really liked the lunch buffet. tons of options

Dinner - Chung King in Markham for peking duck. the peking duck was AWESOME and the filleted fish was very very good as well. We really liked this restaurant. it's in the same plaza as Pacifac mall

Day 3
Lunch - Diamond banquet hall for dim sum - good dim sum, not dirty (tablecloths!) not greasy...liked the turnip cakes the best.

Dinner - 369 shanghai dimsum - this is a family favorite and remains so. My husband loves the rice cakes with pork and mustard greens. my favorite is the soup dumplings. We also love the thick noodles and their egg dumplings.

Overall, very yummy weekend. time to pop onto my diet again!

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  1. Glad it went off well. I agree that 369 makes some great down home cookin'.

    1. Where is 369 shanghai located?

      1. How does 369 Shanghai compare to Ding Tai fung?

        For anyone who says they have been going downhill, I had a great lunch there a few weeks ago. All of the dumplings I eat were fantastic. I believe it was my third or fourth time there, by far the best.

        1. Yeah, I like Blowfish's stone-cooked Tiger Shrimp with Truffle source, it is great !

          And of course, 369 is a inexpensive place with great shanghai food.

          1. 369 is located in the massive Peachtree Plaza, SW corner of Kennedy and 7 in Markham, and is in the northern-most section of the plaza beside the Vietnamese Train restaurant.

            It's more focused on main dishes than buns and noodles, and I find that the grandmotherly chef cooks in more of a lighter and healthier style than other Shanghainese places. Personally I do prefer it to Ding Tai Fung. I really like their Lion's Head meatball dish and Crystal sugar pork ribs, among others. Check out moocow's pictoral review from a while back: