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Dec 27, 2006 04:53 PM

chinese delivery in calgary

howdy all. Just jointed the site (just found it by accident). great advice. Makes the day sail along. Here's my question. I'm a recent addition to the City. What is the best Chinese take-out? Specifically in the SW if possible, although I think downtown delivers. Look forward to many chats.

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    1. Peking Dragon on 4th Street. I avoided eating any sort of Chinese in Los Angeles just so I could fully enjoy that place. So good (I think). Black pepper chicken.

      1. OK, will definitely give it a try. Any other recommendations on the menu?

        I've ordered from several different places, have found there to be significant differences from place to place. Some food at some places good, some very bad. I've heard Silver Dragon is good for dim sum, is it good for delivery too???

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          Silver Dragon is quite good. Although I've never had their dim sum, the regular-menu food is alright. They deliver too! I think it tastes better there though. They tend to have long lines on weekends, so try to get there really early. Try their chicken hot pot (you can ask for white meat only, but they charge more) or their lemon chicken. Another good Chinese place, that delivers is "Dragon Pearl" on 9th Ave. near 12th Street in Inglewood. I'm not sure how far they will deliver to. The delivery time on both places can take as much as 30 minutes to an hour.

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            Ginger Fried Chicken or Beef is great. The fried dumplings. Beef and baby corn (that's a nostalgic choice), salt and pepper squid or salt and pepper prawns/shrimp (one or the other), chicken chow mein (skinny noodles), chicken with black bean sauce (ask for asaparagus).

            Crap, got back to LA just now and am hating the fact that it will be a year before I get to have it again...

          2. Unfortunately they don't deliver but for some very good Chinese take out try Leo Fu's just off Macleod and about 70th Ave. SW.

            1. We drive aalllllll the way from the north for Leo Fu's and only once have they faltered. The usually wonderful lemon chicken was cooked to leather. We still order the lemon chicken because when it is good it is VERY good.

              I know Ginger Beef has a few outlets around. It's the best we can find for delivery in the northwest. Good if you know what to order. The ginger beef is good as well as salt and pepper squid. My daughter swears by the beef and noodles. The honey ginger shrimp are good but I prefer them in the restaurant.