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German Sausage in Dallas?

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Hi...where are good places to get Nurnberg and Weisswurst sausage in Dallas?

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  1. I don't guarantee those specific varieties, but this place has quite a selection.

    Bavarian Grill
    221 W Parker Rd # 257
    Plano, TX 75023
    (972) 881-0705

    BTW - have you heard of the Google search engine?


    1. Try Kuby's in Snyder Plaza.

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      1. re: birddogfoodie

        I know Kuby's makes weisswurst. (It's probably my favorite sausage that they make.)


        1. re: Scott

          Try Jorges up in Plano in the square...A Fun adventure!

      2. Kuby's would be my best guess. If they don't have it, they will know who does.

        1. Kuby's is good and not a bad choice. The better choice however is Henk's http://www.guidelive.com/portal/page?.... Either one would have what you are looking for.

          1. Thanks all