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Dec 27, 2006 03:31 PM

Drinks before Degustation?

Hi all,

A Philly chowhounder here, will be in the city for the next couple of days. I am looking forward to my dinner at Degustation on Saturday. Where should we have drinks beforehand? A friend suggested Pegu but I am more of a wine drinker, any advice?


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  1. Bar Carrera and Bar Veloce are two wine bars (one Spanish, one Italian) that are right next to each other and pretty close to Degustation (only about 10 blocks away).

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    1. re: foodite

      Thanks! Would you reccomend these over Inoteca?

      1. re: JT007

        I'm not questioning your wine-drinking and tapas-dining habit. But from what I was told, Degustation is a wine bar with tapas dishes. So is Inoteca, which I've been to on a few occasions. Although you posted that you will have dinner at Degustation, are you planning on going on a tapas wine-bar binge before then?

        BTW, Inoteca is pretty good with their Italian-inspired tapas.

        1. re: JT007

          Inoteca is great too, just a little further from Degustation. Bar Carerra and Bar Veloce fit the "wine bar" genre in the more traditional sense i.e. long and narrow bar with only stools.

          1. re: foodite

            Thanks for all the suggestions. I think we will try Bar Veloce or Ten Degrees. I am eating at Apizz tonight with a friend who lives on the LES, so I'm sure we'll try something fun. What's the deal with Milk and Honey?

      2. ten degrees (st marks btwn ave a and 1st). great wine selection and a full bar). more spacious than carrera and veloce. beautiful decor with downtempo music.

        or, you can just go right around the corner from degustation to wine bar (2nd ave @ 4th st). nothing too special but solid wood block communal table and candle vibe...