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Dec 27, 2006 03:20 PM

New ideas for Leftover Prime Rib?

We have about 1.5 lbs. of leftover Christmas prime rib. Any good ideas out there for a family meal for 4? I dug up an earlier thread suggesting enchiladas or beef Stroganoff, but enchiladas seem a bit labor-intensive and Stroganoff's just a bit too heavy after all this holiday gluttony. Any other contenders out there?

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  1. We have leftover tenderloin rather than prime rib, but you could do this with it as well and it's our favorite leftover meal of the entire year.

    Make fabulous steak subs. I carmelize onions and mushrooms and get some good sub rolls and fill the rolls with steak and top with Brie and slip into the oven until melty, then top with the onion/mushroom mixture.

    1. Make some really good hash for Sunday's breakfast.

        1. Tian de bouef aux l├ęgumes. See and check out the rest of the thread for ideas. This thread too:

          Larb, the Thai meat salad, is quite tasty made with beef. Google for tons of recipes.