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Dec 27, 2006 02:55 PM

Mexican Restaurants on Lake Street - Minneapolis

So many, I don't know where to start! I've had great authentic tacos at the Mercado Central. I've also had okay food at Me Gusta. Last time I was driving to Schatzlein's, I couldn't help but notice how many seemingly new places have opened up. Any gems that people have found? I'm considering a systematic study myself.

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  1. Pineda's Tacos on Lake near 3rd Avenue is my absolute favorite for burritos.

    1. I really like La Hacienda (at Lake and ?Clinton?) - their al pastor is great. I like the tinga tacos at La Poblanita. El Nuevo Rodeo is pretty good, too. And who doesn't love Manny's Tortas, especially since they have several locations up and down Lake Street.

      But I don't get out enough, so I've tried only 5 or 6 places on Lake Street, not counting Mercado Central and the great Mexican places in the Midtown Global Market: Los Ocampo (best al pastor in town!), La Loma (tamales!), La Sirena Gorda (amazing seafood dishes!), and Bymore Meats (goat birria!).

      Tipitina, I heartily encourage your systematic study of the taquerias on Lake Street. Be sure to tell us what you discover!


      1. Do the Lake St places that are in the MGM taste the same there as they do in the original restaurants? If so, check out the MGM for a few of these places.