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Dec 27, 2006 02:41 PM

Chinese on the Red Line?

Anyone have a good recommendation for Chinese accessible on the Red line? Looking for someplace between Friendship Heights and Gallery Place. Chinatown/Gallery Place would be ideal.


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  1. Full Kee for Cantonese -- one block from the Gallery Place stop. Extensive discussions/recommendations on this board. New Big Wong and Chinatown Express, also at GP, are also very good for particular things. Again, see the discussions on the board.

    1. Spices for pan-asian is also very good. Cleveland Park Metro.

      1. I would second Chinatown Express for very basic, homey and good hand pulled noodles and roast meats. No atmosphere unless they are pulling the noodles and you are sitting in the front room.

        FUll Key has good dumplings and basic stir frys and hot pots. Again, no atmosphere to speeak of.

        Both are cheap

        1. In Dupont there's a Chinese place on Conn Ave that is good. They have really good hot and sour soup. I think it's called City Lights or something like that.

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            Yep. It's City Lights. And it is good, though I haven't been lately. Terrific salt-crusted shrimp.

          2. There's a place called Mei Wah near Mazza Gallerie that, while not authentic, is said to be fairly good. Try the chef's specials.

            If you are willing to travel further on the RL, on the east branch, Hollywood East and Hollywood East on the Boulevard in Wheaton are good. Oriental East in Silver Spring is well liked for dim sum. On the west branch, it is easy to reach Joe's Noodle, Bob's Noodle, Bob's Shabu Shabu, China Gourmet (Mama's Dumplings), and even China Canteen and A&J, all in Rockville, from the nearest stops.