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Dec 27, 2006 02:18 PM

Dinner in Cassis

We will be in Cassis in late January for one night and I am looking for recommendations for the best place to eat there, one hopefully specializing in the area seafood dishes. Don't really want to drive over to Marseille. Any help would be most appreciated. Happy holidays!

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  1. Had many meals there in 1999, so this may no longer be relevant, but I'd just go to the Quai and pick one of the 10 or so restaurants there - Nino comes to mind. In any case, don't miss the soupe de poisson (you can skip the bouillabaisse - same flavor, 8 x the price).

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback. I was in Cassis and ate lunch there back in February. As you indicate, there are many restaurants along the Quai. I picked one, but it seemed to be not much more than a tourist haunt along the Quai. Certainly nothing special. As a group (we own a little French bistro in Sonoma County California and my partner in the restaurant, our chef, and our lead server are traveling together to get new ideas, etc.) we want to try as many different dishes as possible so we will do the fish soup, but the bouillabaisse too, also the sea urchins which are a specialty at this time of year from what I hear. Thanks for the suggestion for Ninos.