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Dec 27, 2006 02:08 PM

Has anyone dined @ Abacus recently?

How was it?

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  1. I dined at Abacus over 12 months ago...which says something. This is supposedly one of Dallas' "hot spots" and "scene to be seen." The atmosphere is something similar to what you would find in NYC. Food is ok...nothing too special. Portions are decent sized. I've been here 2-3 times and it's just never rubbed me the right way although I have a friend that swears that this is her favorite restaurant.

    Those LOBSTER SHOOTERS are hushpuppies with bits of lobster in them. Dipping sauce that accompanies this makes it edible.

    There are many other Dallas restaurants out there that your time and money could better go to.

    1. Twice in the past couple of months. Apart from meat that was undercooked in one meal (very rare, when I'd asked for medium rare), everything was quite enjoyable both times.


      1. thanks, Scott and BellaDonna. Looks like I'll give Kitchen 1924 a try this evening instead of Abacus.

        1. The food is good but not on par with the prices. The service was abysmal last time I went. I've had better service dining at Applebee's with my four-year-old. I agree that there are way too many good places in Dallas to waste your money at Abacus.

          1. Couldn't disagree more. I don't know how many times I've been but at least 15-20. In that time, I had one service issue but have never had a problem with any of the food and still think Abacus is in the upper echelon of fine dining restaurants here. Kitchen 1924 is a cool place but there's really no comparing the two.