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Dec 27, 2006 01:33 PM

One night in Savannah...

We're in Savanah this coming Saturday night, and will be looking for the best great dinner experience- We've been to the Olde Pink House a couple of times - though not in some years - and remember it fondly. Still good? Any other choices? (also welcome are roadside lunch attractions a few hundred miles north and south of Savannah off of rt. 95.) Thanks. Happy new year to all.

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  1. Elizabeth on 37th (912 236 5547 is very nice and probably the best "fine dining" restaurant in the city. Bistro Savannah is nice (912 233 6266) and I like Gottlieb's (912 234 7447). Bon Appetit.

    1. Three friends and I enjoyed a magnificent meal at Olde Pink House last October. Elizabeth's on 37th was fantastic, too. don't forget to enjoy tea with the SCAD students at the Gryphon Tea Room. Savannah is a bevy of culture and grand dining from the shack on the corner to the Olde Pink House!

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        Me and the missus ate at the Pink House a few years ago and were unimpressed, FWIW. Nice place, but the food was just not worth the pirces and the high-falutin' atmosphere.

        The bar downstairs is really cool, though.

      2. I really like Olde Pink House....not only the food but the whole romantic package!

        1. We've had three very nice meals at Sapphire Grill.

          1. I had a very nice meal at Belfort's at the city market a couple of years ago