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Italian takeout in lower Westchester

Has anybody been to Abatino's in White Plains? I'm looking for good Italian takeout and I heard it's great. If not, any other suggestions? Many thanks.

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  1. It was good, not great. As is Silvio's, Graziella's, La Manda's, and Mamma Francesca's - Hawthorne, White Plains (2), and New Rochelle, respectively. All would have take out, I imagine. Even Via Appia in Silverlake is good, imo.

    Gavi in Armonk is very good, I was very pleased with Scaramella's in Ardsley, and Rustico in Hartsdale. Again, I would imagine they all will do takeout.

    I would stay away from Enzo's in Mamaroneck, Lusardi in Larchmont and my nemesis Gina Marie in Eastchester.

    But great? I would LOVE to read of a GREAT Italian restaurant in Westchester, or even within an hour drive of White Plains.

    I've been searching and searching and have yet to find a 'great' Italian restaurant in this area.

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      I don't know if it qualifies as "great" but very good to excellent is Trattoria Vivolo in Harrison.

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        Any opinions about Mamma Assunta in Tuckahoe? They've been there a long time. Friends took us a few weeks ago and food was very good. I like the fact that they didn't seem to rush you. Take-out should be OK as well.

        I don't think you can go too wrong with Valentino's or Dom and Vinnie's either; I would return to any of these places.

        As far as "great" or better than home cooking, well that can be tough and everyones's yardstick is different. When eating in (not takeout) I prefer a relaxed place with good but not rushed service.



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          Yes, laylag, I have heard about Trattoria Vivolo (the one in the diner, right?) and have them on my list.

          No, gnocchi, I hadn't heard of Mamma Assunta. They look interesting. Yes, I sure agree on Valentino. Dom and Vinnie looks like a place I have to try, as does their new restaurant Azzurri in Thornwood. Thanks.

          Janet3457, I would guess that all of these recommendations provide takeout, let us know how you fare.

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            Thanks to everyone for their posts. As of today, I'm leaning towards Valentino's - I just spoke with them and they will make a pasta and a chicken dish that will reheat well.
            Happy New Year to all!

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          Look no further than Lusardi's in Larchmont. The food is consistantly great and the service is incredible. Attentive and friendly with out being over bearing.
          Sit by the fireplace in the cold months for a special treat.

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            Really? I found them overpriced, average in overpriced food quality (Enzo is on a par with them), pompously important and a legend in their own minds. Italian food equal in price and quality is plentiful in Westchester. I'm still looking for the 'great' Italian restaurant in Westchester or an hour beyond. I'd rather go down a notch and do the La Sala or Mamma Francesca than think I'm getting something more for the umpteen dollars more at Lusardi. The food is the same, it's just the prices that are less.

        3. Abatino's is better eating in than taking out. I was very disappointed recently with a take-out order and then the next week ate in the restaurant and was pleased. We really like A'Mangiare.They have a few locations. For the best Italian food, not cooked at home, I'd go 20 minutes south to Arthur Avenue.

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            Where in particular on Arthur Avenue, lucyis? I didn't like the elbows in my calamari at Domenic's, nor the waiting patrons breathing down my neck.

            Another trip there, we couldn't get a table anywhere and we ended up at Valentino's in Yonkers (forgot about them, they were very good imo).

            But you're right, I want an Italian meal better than I can cook at home.

            1. re: dolores

              Try Roberto's. Not on Arthur Avenue but in the area (although I do enjoy Dominick's...). http://www.usmenuguide.com/Robertos.htm
              We were last there a couple weeks ago, and the food was fabulous and plentiful. They do not take reservations though, so get there early or late. Uh, oh...guess this is off topic, sorry...

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                I second Roberto's! I've never had dinner there, but have had many lovely lunches there. Look for the pasta specials, especially the ones cooked in foil. They've had butternut squash and mushroom ones that are to die for.

          2. I know what you mean, dolores, about Dominick's. You have to be in the mood for that intimate neighborhood experience. Our fav on the avenue is Pasquale's Rigoletto (like the opera). It has its own parking lot in the back and the service is friendly and respectful. They serve a platter of garlicky bruschetta and chunks of parmesan cheese so you can munch while you decide on your order.
            If you want to stay in Westchester and don't mind a leisurely, and possibly expensive, meal try Zanaro's in the City center complex.We did begin this thread with a question about take-out and Zanaro's does take out also.

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              Yikes...Did Zanaro's go through Seismic Change? Three attempts or so have been c-

            2. Zanaro's in WP's City Center? I'm would be happy to learn that it's now a wonderful restaurant, but we went there about a year ago and it was memorably HORRIBLE - the service was awful and the food inedible. I can't imagine their takeout wouldn't follow the same formula...

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                I second MarkD's impression of Zanaro's. If you go for a chain Italian, you can't get better than Papa Razzi, just down the street on N Broadway and Main Street. It's better than most Mom and Pop Italians and the service is wonderfull. My only concern is that the location is so bad, they may not survive. It's not visible from Main Street, where most pedestrian traffic is.

                1. re: petezee

                  Good recommendation, petezee. I went there ages ago and it was quite good. However, that was back when I willingly paid for parking in White Plains, so I haven't been back since Nordstrom validated for parking.

                  But Papa Razzi is comfortable, service was good, and food was quite good.

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                    Papa Razzi has closed. A new restaurant is going in, along with new stores, etc. in the pavillion. The entire lobby is now under construction and is being extended out into the pavillion. Panero's Bread is also rumored to be going into the pavillion, in addition to the new restaurant taking over Papa Razzi's. The location isn't what did Papa Razzi in. The never advertised themselves, the food has been going down hill for the last several years, and it became very tired. I work in the building and their safest food choices was down to salads or pizza. Gambelli's was in that location for years and was always packed.

                    1. re: wplady

                      Think you are a little premature on the report of Papa Razzi's demise. I just called Papa Razzi and they are open for dinner tonight.

                      However... when I asked twice if they were closing, each time they did give the same, cryptic, "We have not heard anything from our parent company" statement.

                      I really hope they don't close. I haven't seen any deterioration in in quality at all. I think once they get more foot traffic, they'll be fine.

                      1. re: petezee

                        The Papa Razzi business has been up for sale for the past year. They originally were asking $250K, and then it kept dropping, because too much renovation was needed, which made that pricing too high, and it was put out that they would take any reasonable offer. I know the commercial agent handling the transaction. In fact, one of the local caterers almost went to lease on it over six months ago, but there were terms in the lease that he would not go along with. Every restauranteur in the area knew it was on the market. They are definitely goners and they weren't suppose to see the New Year, but the leases with the new tenant were delayed.

                        1. re: wplady

                          It's official. Papa Razzi is closed. Their Thank You for Your Patronage sign went up...the doors are locked and they are packing up the tables and furniture. The new restaurant going in will be the same owners are Bellizzi in Mt. Kisco and Larchmont. Not sure if they will be following the same "family" theme.

                  2. re: MarkD

                    Zanaro's has been through a drastic change since they first opened. The food has improved greatly.

                  3. We've had take out from Abatino's and it's always been good. We also like Frank's on Putnam Ave. in Port Chester (but beware, they are closed on Sundays). Their vodka sauce is fabulous and their menu is huge, something for everyone.

                    1. Our family and friends love Abatino's. Family friendly and good food. I agree with Lucyis about dining in vs. take out, but isn't that always the case?
                      Try their individual pizzas, chicken milanese (pounded chix cutlet, topped with fresh arugala salad with capers, tomatoes, onions), rigitoni con pesto is an awesome-albeit super rich- cream pesto sauce with al dente rigitoni.
                      I could go on.... :)

                      1. Lower Westchester? We do our take out from A Mangiare on Palmer Road in Bronxville. It is all homemade and consistently delicious. Rosie's Italian Bistro almost next door is fancier and a place to eat in but not take out, but it is also quite good.

                        1. Valentino's is the best in Westchester and possibly the world for traditional non-snooty Italian food. Dine in or take out. If you've read my prior reviews, then that statement won't surprise you. I'd love to find a rival around here, but it's been years and still nothing. Spare me the pumpkin risotto with chestnuts or pan seared (insert pretentious obscure pseudo mediterranean food concept here). I just like wonderful items such as veal milanese, lasagne, fettucine Valentino (alfredo with porcini and pancetta), seafood, and desserts. Their shrimp cocktail tastes like it was prepared by Jesus. I've been to Italy, Arthur Avenue, and a few ok old style joints in the county like Piero's. Have had family style food from the now defunct Eclisse, Carmine's in Manhattan, and Pizza and Brew. Del Ponte in New Rochelle was also a place I liked to go to until it closed down. They were all good, but not Valentino's good. People here keep mentioning Dom & Vinnie's, and I've been meaning to go for some time, but haven't yet.

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                          1. re: Nick DeBenza

                            Thanks, Nick. I'm glad to find out I've been to one of the only really good Italians in Westchester. Funny with all the screamingly overpriced (I like your summary of the snootily pretentious ones that think spaghetti is spun from platinum) Italian places in the area, Valentino's turns out to be it.

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                              Where is Valentino's? Love to try it.

                              1. re: momof3

                                Bronx River Road, you can actually see it from the metro north if you ride the Harlem or New Haven lines near Mt. Vernon (adjacent to that big new CVS with the in your face sign that replaced Key Food. Dunkin Donuts is there too). Take the Bronx River Parkway and get off at Bronx River road, the second exit takes you right there, turn left. You'll be facing the Sunoco station, I believe, before the turn. The parking lot is pretty big and there's a doorman who also watches the cars.

                            2. Modern Pizzeria and Restaurant in New Rochelle is awesome! Great classic red sauce place!

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                                Are they associated with the Modern Pizza in New Haven? We love the one in New Haven!

                                1. re: debmom

                                  I'm not sure if the New Rochelle Modern is associated with the one in New Haven. It's delicious, so it could be!

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                                  I second Sra Sawnky's endorsement of Modern Pizza - it's very good, but the menu is more pizzeria than italian restaurant. I like the meatball parm sandwich, and the baked ziti is good.

                                3. I would also highly nominate Il Bacio Trattoria in downtown Bronxville (off Pondfield Road near the train station). Really wonderful pizza and exceptional pasta with meat sauce. No reservations and a scrum, esp. over the weekend, but takeout is pretty good. The ice cream there is also excellent.

                                  1. I really like Pas-Tina's in Hartsdale. Good reliable Italian food. Good for take out and eat in, but be sure to sit in the dining room on the right if it's open as it is much more roomy than the cramped dining room on the left.

                                    I used to love going to Pine North in New Rochelle. It's now Bastone's and I've been once or twice but remember reading on Chowhound that it had gone downhill. Any truth to that?

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                                      Thanks for seconding on Pas-Tina's. I mentioned it way up top of this thread and no one else chimed in with it and I was starting to wonder if I'd been just imagining that it was so good. Thanks for the dining room tip - we've only sat on the left and don't care for it but seems there's always some private thing going on in the other one..

                                    2. I've been twice to Bastone's since they changed owners. Both times the chicken dish ordered by someone in my party came to the table raw.

                                      I have never gone back.

                                      1. In Mahopac on RT 6 There is Arturo`s Trattoria. The portions were huge without compromising the taste. Been there 3 times and My family or I have not one bad thing to say, The inside is like a log cabin and is very cozy, It is like a good old fashioned Bronx Italian restaurant. Not like some of the other places up here that serve spaghetti and ketchup. There address is 878 Route 6 Mahopac. Its about 40 mins from WP and 12-15 mins from the JV Mall in Yorktown.

                                        1. Finally got to Azzurri in Thornwood and I promised Trendan the waitperson that I would give a shoutout to him. He is excellent at his job.

                                          Mike the owner didn't seem to care one way or the other what I write, but I enjoyed his restaurant nonetheless. It is nothing different from any other good Italian restaurant in terms of food, but it didn't have the attitude of a Lusardi and the place was enjoyably empty because everyone was no doubt away for the season. I imagine that the place hops in the winter because of the dearth of excellent Italian restaurants in Westchester.

                                          At any rate, the fried calamari were excellent, as good as Gavi in Armonk. I am always on the lookout for calamari that doesn't come out of a Sysco box, and these did not. I had a seafood appetizer for my main course, and while it was a bit too heavy on the squid and too light on the expensive seafood, it was good.

                                          My companion had chicken scarpariello and while it wasn't La Manda heavy on the goodness, the waitperson apologized for bringing out the entree while he was still eating his salad. Which, wonder of wonders, CAME with the entree! Macaroni (does anyone still call it macaroni?) was an alternative to the salad.

                                          The wine was a bit on the stingy side, or else they did the smoke and mirrors thing with the right amount of wine in a bigger glass, which Silvio's doesn't do, but no matter, I decided on a martini...excellently prepared, I might add...and gave my wine to my companion. So in the end, he had a full glass of wine as it should have been poured to begin with.

                                          But, lo and behold, dessert was 'to die for'. Apparently somebody's grandmother from the other side has a recipe (no, they wouldn't give it to me) for a ricotta cream cheese cheesecake and it was out of this world. The sorbet was okay too, I wasn't paying attention and of course I had no interest in tasting it.

                                          The price was approximately $50. a person, the going rate for a good meal in Westchester today, and I would recommend this restaurant to anyone interested in a good meal and a cheesecake that is beyond compare.

                                          Me? I'm still on the hunt for THE perfect Italian restaurant that I can call 'my' place.

                                          Oh, almost forgot. While dining, I saw a couple come in for takeout and they left with bags and bags of stuff. If you can afford it, I think takeout from Azzurri would be darned nice.

                                          1. Well I would not call White Plains lower Westchester exactly. We live in the Fleetwood section of Mount Vernon and find Joe's Fleetwood to have good takeout and also fine to eat in although not so atmospheric. Back when Gina Maries was still here we always preferred Joes. Also for take out although I don't like their pizza (Joes is better), Pizza Pizza has decent pasta dishes.

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                                              Can't believe I didn't mention Dante's on Central Avenue (across from TJ Maxx) in WP/Hartsdale. Strictly take out, but above average.

                                              1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                                                I have to agree with you, that Dante's is above average.

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                                                  dantes all the way!!! the smell when you walk in makes you want to eat!!

                                            2. I live in WP and order from abatinos like once a week....the Chicken Romana is delicious, by far best italian takeout/delivery in WP...La Manda is very good too, but much better when u eat it there......I would reccomend Abatinos to anyone

                                              1. You have to try Carlos Italian on Tuckahoe and Central Ave in Yonkers. Comfortable, friendly staff, great food. A real family place, for both full meals and Pizza. Not much on ambiance, but you wont care since the food is so good, trust me. http://tinyurl.com/yqbfu7

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                                                  Second on Carlos, but it's just as much an atmosphere thing. The food is just "pretty good", prices about right, portions sizable. But the owner is a great guy- knows his business and is always flitting around making sure everything is OK, but not in a busybody way. Waitresses are the dames you expect them to be in a strictly family run restaurant. This is like "back to the future". Go for the gestalt.