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Dec 27, 2006 01:19 PM

Bueno Frozen Red and Green Chili

Does anyone know where to buy tubs of Bueno Frozen Red and Green Chili in the Fort Worth area? My Dad use to bring it to me from Gallup and now he isn't able to drive. My stock is out and I need to find a new way to get my chili. Thanks

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  1. To qoute a Bueno source: "You should be able to get it at Krogers, United Market Stores, Savers Cost Plus, HEB, or Central Market in the Dallas /Ft. Worth area."

    Or you can order the chile directly from Bueno. With a $50+ shipping charge.

    Good luck with the search...

    1. It is definitely available at Market Street on Hwy 26 in Colleyville. I buy it there all the time. Central Market doesn't always have it, and they don't usually have "hot". Hope that helps.

      1. wal mart has it too, or you can buy it online...but postage is high.