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Dec 27, 2006 09:35 AM

Is There a Kosher Restaurant in Honolulu

Other than Yudi's Deli and Oahu Kosher Catering does anybody know of a fancier Kosher restaurant in Hawaii or Honolulu proper.

I have checked out the aboves internet site if anyone else is interested.

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    1. re: weinstein5

      No, but the Shorebird restaurant can arrange for you to kasher/cordon off a grill, provide you with new utensils/plates, and cook your filets of fish... always a fun option.

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      1. It is too bad that Yudi's is closing. They shipped meals to us to our hotel in Kauai last year. It does look like their catering company, Oahu Kosher is still delivering hot fresh food to local hotels.

        I don't know about Honolulu, but some of the high end hotels in Maui such as the Ritz Carlton have heat and serve kosher options available for you to eat in their dining rooms (at least you get the "fancy ambiance") or in your own room. You have to call the hotel and speak to the head of the kitchen in advance. The Fairmont Orchid on Big Island also has a service like this. Warning: The service fees are very high.

        When we were on Big Island, Chabad of Big Island was just starting their own catering service. It might be worthwhile for you to check and see where they are with this now.

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        1. re: mamaleh

          I am confused by your comments re: "Yudi's is closing". I visited in January, 2009 and again in March, 2010 and Yudi did not have a restaurant open either time- seems he closed that part of his business in 2008. He did have his Oahu Kosher fresh food delivery service which I found to be amazing and very tasty.

          I was just informed by a friend who visited two weeks ago that Yudi is planning on opening a new restaurant / takeout near the Chabad; I don't have any further information on that.

          1. re: globalman1

            The OP's posting points to a link that Yudi's has closed. I did not notice that the date was 2008. We ordered from Yudi at Oahu Kosher last year and had our meals delivered to Kauai.

            1. re: globalman1

              that is true he is delivering now and you can order from Oahu Kosher web site

            2. re: mamaleh

              Yudi didn't go away he is there just working now from the Rabbi kitchen, Chabad moved to a new location at the Ala Moana hotel so he deliver and cook from there, I heard that he is planing to open a new location,

            3. There's a new kosher / israeli food delivery service that started a few months ago that's based in Honolulu but ships to other islands. It's called Miniisrael. Website: