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Dec 27, 2006 06:18 AM

Wine/Beer/Cheese Bar & Restaurant in SF?

I know that SF has its share of wine bars, but is there a place that also specializes in great beer as well?
There is a fabulous place in Philly called Tria that offers hard-to-find beer, great wine & cheese, and small tapas plates.
I'm looking for the same sort of scene in SF!!!

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  1. Best beer spot in SF is the Toronado in Lower Haight, but they don't serve food. However, there are lots of food options right around there, beginning with Rosamunde's Sausage right next door (although I wish they would bring back the old rolls they used to use; the new potato rolls aren't very tasty and fall apart way too easily)
    There's also Zeitgeist in the Mission, great beer selection and a barbecue going out back, plus Virginia, the Tamale Lady, comes by almost every night.
    As far as brewpubs, Magnolia in Upper Haight makes good beer and their menu isn't bad, although I haven't eaten there since Chef Eddie Blyden took over.
    The same could be said about 21st Amendment in SoMa; decent beer, not bad food.
    I'd avoid Thirsty Bear; the tapas are pretty ordinary and the beer is mediocre, at best.

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      The food at 21st Amendment was great when Eddie Blyden was there, but as you note he's now at Magnolia.

    2. There's no place that does both, and no beer place with a great cheese program.

      These wine bars all have good cheese and small selections of good beer by the bottle. Cav's the only one with hot food.

      1. The Rogue Public House in North Beach has fantastic beer and wide selection. Unfortunately the food is nowhere as good. Some good, some passable, some real bad. Although it looks like they've updated their menu since my last trip (plus it looks like they are selling their own "Rogue Creamery" cheese).

        Regardless, I love the beer

        1. City Beer doesn't have food, but it's worth a mention for the interesting selection and ability to taste...